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The Arthur Lloyd Timeline

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Theatre Royal, High Street, Dundee opens

Wiliam Calcraft, Hangman, Born



Theatre Royal, Norwich Remodelled

Paddington Basin opens



Tunbridge Wells Theatre Built

Theatre Royal, Preston opens

Theatre Royal, Wiliamson Square Liverpool Rebuilt

Madame Tussauds waxworks appear at the Lyceum Theatre, Wellington Street

West India Docks open

New Stock Exchange building opens in Capel Court




August - Charles Jeffreys, Uncle of Horatio and George Lloyd, received his passing certificate as lieutenant, issued by the Admiralty.

Folkestone Theatre opens

Royal Circus Destroyed by Fire

Commercial Road, from Whitechapel to Limehouse, built



Stables and Riding School built for the Prince Regent in Brighton, later to become the Brighton Dome.

Georgian Guildford Theatre opens



Theatre Royal, Queen Street, Glasgow opens

Theatre Royal, Angel Street, Worcester opens

Second Theatre Royal, Bath opens

London Docks at Wapping open



Royal Olympic Theatre, Wych Street, London opens

Argyll Music Rooms open in Little Argyll Street

Nelson buried at St Paul's Cathedral

East India Docks open



9th of November - Horatio Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's Father, Born

Theatre Royal, Brighton opens

Theatre Royal, Fountain Street, Manchester opens

The Theatre, New Street, Birmingham reopens as the Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal, Swansea opens

Gas light first publicly demonstrated, in Pall Mall

Grand Surrey Canal basin opens



Second Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, opens

Kemble's New Theatre, Greenock, Scotland opens

Tottenham Court Fair, held at junction of Euston and Hampstead Roads, abolished



May 10th - George Thomas Lloyd, brother of Horatio Lloyd and uncle of Arthur Lloyd, Born

Third Theatre Royal, Drury Lane destroyed by fire

Lyceum Theatre, London opens

Deptford - Croydon canal opens



The Theatre Royal, Humber Street, Hull opens

Eagle Theatre, Oldham opens

Theatre Royal, Castle Street, Dundee opens

The Theatre, St Anne's Lane, South Street, Perth, Scotland opens

New Royal Mint building opens on Little Tower Hill

East India Dock Road and West India Dock Road open



Theatre Royal Plymouth built

Charles Kean born

Ratcliff Highway murders



Theatre Royal Drury Lane opens, the fourth on the site, and still standing today

Charles Dickens born

The Egyptian Hall opens at 170-1 Picadilly



Gas light introduced in the Haymarket Theatre

Olympic Pavilion, London reopens as the Little Drury Lane Theatre

Gas lights introduced on Westminster Bridge

Archway Road opens



Festival Theatre, Cambridge opens

Infirmary for Asthma, Consumption and other Diseases (later Brompton Chest Hospital) opens on Brushfield Street, Spitalfields

Dulwich Picture Gallery, the first public art gallery in Britain, opens



Second Theatre Royal, Windsor opens

End of the French Wars and defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo

Royal Bethlehem Hospital ('Bedlam') relocates to Lambeth Road (now the Imperial War Museum)



Lyceum Theatre, London reopens as the English Opera House

Regent's Canal, from Paddington to Camden Lock, opens

Millbank Penitentiary opens (site now occupied by Tate Britain)

Westminster Opthalmic Hospital opens near the Strand

Royal Infirmary for Diseases of the Ear opens

Universal Dispensary for Sick and Indigent Children (later Royal Waterloo Hospital for Women and Children) opens

Vauxhall Bridge opens



Waterloo Bridge opens



T.C. King, father of Katty King, born

Royal Coburg Theatre (later the Old Vic) opens

The Theatre Royal, Railway Road and Ainsworth Street, Blackburn opens

Royal Opera Arcade opens, behind His Majesty's Theatre - The first Shopping Arcade in London

St James's market (between Haymarket and St James's Square) demolished



December 25th - George Thomas Lloyd, brother of Horatio Lloyd, sails to Van Diemen's Land, now Tasmania with his uncle Charles Jeffreys

Robert Lloyd, father of Horatio Lloyd and Grandfather of Arthur Lloyd publishes his 'Treatise on Hats.'

Sans Pareil reopens as the Adelphi Theatre, London

Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds opens

Charles Morton 'Father of the Halls' born

Piccadilly Circus constructed as part of Regent Street developments

Burlington Arcade opens



December 25th - George Thomas Lloyd, brother of Horatio Lloyd, arrives in Van Diemen's Land, now Tasmania with his uncle Charles Jeffreys

Third Theatre Royal, New Street, Birmingham Opens

Exteter Theatre destroyed by fire

Burford's Panorama, Strand, London opens, Later the Royal Strand Theatre

Death of George III, accession of George IV

Regent's Canal to Limehouse completed

Surrey House of Correction opened at Brixton Hill, first English prison to use the treadmill

William Marwood, Hangman, Born



Theatre Royal, Dublin opens

Present Theatre Royal, Haymarket opens

New Theatre, Exeter opens



St Pancras New Church on Euston Road opens, designed in Greek Revival style



New Olympic Circus, Dublin opens, Later the Royal Adelphi Theatre / Queen's Theatre

The Diorama opens in Park Square East, Regent's Park

Royal Assent given for Act to Rebuild London Bridge

The Lancet first published



Dock Theatre, Evenport Renamed the Devenport Theatre

Repeal of the Combination Act allows limited unions

First pile driven for foundations of London Bridge

Athenaeum Club founded



The Theatre, Hastings opens

Work begins on Thames Tunnel

Grosvenor Canal (running approx from current Chelsea Bridge to current Victoria Station) opens



Rebuilt Theatre Royal, Norwich opens

Cooke's New Circus, Liverpool opens, Later the Royal Court Theatre

Royalty Theatre, Wellclose Street , Whitechapel destroyed by fire

Zoological Society of London founded

Construction of Caledonian Road begins (called Chalk Road originally)

Farringdon Market opens



The Rotunda, later the Britannia Music Hall, Southwark, opens

Pavilion Theatre, Whitechapel Road opens

Maria Marten murdered - See the Arts Theatre Here

Hammersmith Bridge opens

Marble Arch erected outside Buckingham Palace

Crockford's Club opens for gamblers



Royal Brunswick Theatre, Whitechapel opens and Collapses

Burford's Panorama, Strand, London Closed, Later the Royal Strand Theatre

University College opens in Gower Street

St Katherine's Dock opens



Queen's Bazaar, Oxford Street, destroyed by fire - Later rebuilt as the Royal Princess's Theatre

New Olympic Circus, Dublin demolished, Later the Royal Adelphi Theatre / Queen's Theatre

Royal Adelphi Theatre, Dublin opens, Later the Queen's Theatre

Lyric Theatre of Varieties, Dublin opens, Later the Tivoli Theatre

Royal Bazaar, Oxford Street, London destroyed by fire, Later the Royal Princess's Theatre

Colosseum, displaying E.T.Parris' panorama of London, opens at Cambridge Gate, Regent's Park

Metropolitan Police founded by Sir Robert Peel

Shillibeer's Omnibus service, from Paddington to Bank, begins




Garrick Theatre, Whitechapel opens

First Lyceum Theatre, London destroyed by fire

J. L. Toole born

New market hall opens in Covent Garden



Exeter Hall Strand, London opens, Formerly Exeter Change and Patagonian Theatre

Garrick Club founded at 35 King Street

Royal Sussex Theatre, London opens, Later the Portman Theatre / Marylebone Theatre / West London Theatre

Exeter Hall, Strand, London opens

1 Aug - King William IV and Queen Adelaide [who came to the Throne in 1830], open the new `Rennie` designed` London Bridge, and demolition begins on the Old Bridge

King's College, on the Strand, opens

Royal Beulah Spa, at Norwood, opens

Lowther Arcade (sited at current 440 Strand) opens


Royal Strand Theatre, London opens

Sans Souci Theatre, London reopens

The Reform Act

Cholera epidemic

Edward Cross's menagerie relocated to site south of river (currently Penton Place) then sold to Surrey Literary, Scientific and Zoological Institution

Grounds of Cremorne House used as sports stadium

Bermondsey Leather Market built at junction of Weston Street and Leathermarket Street

Carlton Club founded



Edmund Kean dies

Clarkson's Wiggs established

First Factory Act passed

Madame Tussaud's waxworks exhibited in former Horse Bazaar, Gray's Inn Road

London Fire Establishment, first professional bridage, formed; paid for by insurance companies

Kensal Green Cemetery opens

Hungerford Market re-opens

Riot at Coldbath Fields



Present Lyceum Theatre, London opens

New Portable Theatre, Woowich opens, Later the Empire Theatre

Assembly Rooms, Hull opens, Later the New Theatre

Earle of Effingham, Whitechapel opens, Later the New Garrick Theatre / Effingham Theatre / Wonderland

Temple of Artists, Grimshaw Street Preston opens

Houses of Parliament destroyed by fire

Protests at deportation of Tolpuddle Martyrs

Royal Institute of British Architects first meets

Charing Cross Hospital built

North London Hospital (later University College Hospital) opens

Hansom cab patented

Duke of York monument in Waterloo Place unveiled



St James's Theatre, London opens

Theatre Architect C. J. Phipps Born

West Kent Theatre, Woolwich opens, Later the Empire Theatre

Sailor's Home, Whitechapel opens, Constructed on the site of the former Royal Brunswick Theatre

Olympia Theatre, Shoreditch opens

Madame Tussauds waxworks establish themselves in Baker Street



The Oxford Theatre, Magdalan Street, Oxford opens

New Theatre, Leicester opens, Later the Theatre Royal

Turnham's Grand Concert Hall, Edgware Road, Padington opens, Later the Metropolitan Theatre

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Newcastle Demolished, Replaced by Theatre Royal Grey Street in 1837

Deptford - Croydon Canal closes

London & Greenwich railway opens, between London Bridge and Deptford

Islington Cattle Market opens off Essex Road

University of London founded

Reform Club founded



New Theatre, Leicester becomes the Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal, Grey Street, Newcastle opens

Hope Hall, Liverpool opens, Later the Everyman Theatre

Marylebone Theatre, London opens

National Standard Theatre, Shoreditch opens

Adelphi Theatre, Sheffield opens, Later the Alexandra Music Hall

Charles Wyndham Born

Accession of Queen Victoria

London & Birmingham Railway opens its station at Euston Square

West Norwood Cemetery opens

Hippodrome racecourse opens in Ladbroke Grove



Robert Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's Brother, born

City of London Theatre, Bishopsgate, London opens

Royal Olympic Theatre, Manchester opens

Henry Irving born

The Cists present their first petition

National Gallery opens in Trafalgar Square

Great Western Railway between Paddington (off Bishop's Bridge Road) and Maidenhead, opens

London & Southampton Railway between Nine Elms, Vauxhall, and Woking, opens


Arthur Lloyd born

Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow, Rebuilt

First Theatre Royal, Cheltenham destroyed by fire

G.W Hunt born

Highgate Cemetery opens

London & Croydon Railway, from Corbett's Lane to Croydon, opens

Eastern Counties Railway, from Mile End to Romford, opens

Abner Doubleday credited for inventing the game of Baseball

Charles Darwin publishes his journal of research on his five year exploration aboard the Beagle

Henley Regatta contested for first time

First Grand National run

Charles Goodyear patents Vulcanised Rubber

The first self propelled bicycle is built by Scottish inventor Kirkpatrick Macmillan

First successful form of photography invented by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre of France



Royal Princess's Theatre, Oxford Street opens

Royalty Theatre, Soho opens

During the 1840s a new form of entertainment arrives from America known as the Nigger Minstrels *

A number of places compete for the honour of being the first ever of a new kind of music hall.

Rowland Hill introduces the penny post

Abney Park cemetery opens in Stoke Newington

Brompton Cemetery, on Old Brompton, Road opens

Nunhead Cemetery opens

London & Blackwall Railway, from The Minories to Brunswick Dock at Blackwall, opens

Penny Post introduced in England

British setlement of New Zealand begins

Clarinet invented in Germany by Johann Cristoph Denner

Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton call the first Womens rights convention in London

Algerian leader Abd al-Qadir conducts a bitter and violent war against the French



Saloon Theatre behind the Britannia Public House opens, Later the Britannia Theatre

The Royal Olympic Theatre, Lever Street, Manchester closes for conversion into a Drapery Store

Grecian Saloon, Shoredtich opens, Later the Grecian Theatre

Royal Princess's Theatre, Oxford Street, London remodelled

First purpose built Theatre in Wolverhampton closes

First Theatre Royal, Huddersfield opens

Liver Theatre. Bradford opens, Later the Theatre Royal

Hippodrome racecourse in Ladbroke Grove closes

Jay's Mourning Warehouse opens at 247-9 Oxford Street

'The murders of the Rue Morgue' published by Edgar Allan Poe

First edition of Punch

Kew Gardens opens to the public

The London Library opens at 49 Pall Mall



Theatre Royal Adelphi, Glasgow opens

Cooke's Circus, Manchester opens, Later the City Theatre

Fleet and Marshalsea prison abolished

Pentonville Prison opened

Charles Dickens publishes his American Notes.

Health reformer Edwin Chadwick publishes his Sanitary Report

First Tunnel under the Thames in London, and first in the world under water, opens. Built by Isambard Brunel

Children's Employment Commission Report published

First issue of the Illustrated London News

Primrose Hill opens to the public

Queen Victoria travels by train, from Windsor to Paddington

Mudie's Library founded in Red Lion Square

New York Philharmonic Orchestra founded

Stephen Collins Foster publishes first song 'Open thy lattice love'



Horatio Lloyd becomes Manager of the Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Literary, Scientific and Mechanic's Institute, Reading opens, Later the Everyman Theatre

Grecian Saloon, Portsmouth opens, Later the Landport Theatre

Feb - John Mitchell's second season of French Plays performed at the St. James's Theatre

Theatre Regulations Act of 1843 passed

Glasgow Musical Association formed

Adelina Patti, the famous Opera singer, born 19th February

Nelson's column erected in Trafalgar Square

Thames Tunnel opened

News of the World first published

First Christmas cards go on sale in London, (many Christmas traditions have their origin in Victorian England)



Theatre Royal Bradford opens

Theatre Royal, Fountain Street, Manchester destroyed by fire

Tom Thumb appears at the Egyptian Hall

Royal Adelphi Theatre, Dublin demolished, Later the Queen's Theatre

Queen's Theatre, Dublin opens

New Royal Exchange building opens

Association for Promoting Cleanliness Amongst the Poor founded

YMCA founded

The English Factory Act establishes a twelve hour working day for female factory workers

Samuel Morse sends first public telegram



City Theatre, Glasgow, opens, Destroyed in the same year

Theatre Royal, Peter Street, Manchester opens

Rebuilt National Standard Theatre, Shoreditch opened

City Hall, Perth opens

Theatre Royal, Snow Hill, Wolverhampton opens

Albion Saloon Whitechapel opens, Later Wilton's Music hall

Cremorne Gardens open

Hungerford Suspension Bridge opens

New Oxford Street opens

Victoria Park opens

Edgar Allen Poe publishes his book 'The Raven and other poems'

Women in Sweden get equal rights of inheritance

Catastrophic famine in Ireland begins, brought about by successive failures of the staple potato crop. In British-ruled Ireland the governments of Robert Peel and, particularly, John Russell, are slow to react to the disaster.



Queen's Theatre, Hull opens, Later part of the site used for the building of the Theatre Royal, Hull

Holder's Grand Concert Rooms, Birmingham opens, Later the Gaiety Theatre of Varieties

Garrick Theatre, Whitechapel destroyed by fire

Town Hall, Truro, Cornwall opens, Later the Hall for Cornwall Theatre

Royal Albion Theatre, Southport opens

Wilson's Hall or Asssembly Rooms, Falkirk opens

Endell Street constructed

American Elias Howe invents the sewing machine

Ether demonstrated as a general anesthetic in Boston Massachusettes

First Saxophone patented by Antoine Joseph Sax

Planet Neptune observed and confirmed

The Corn Laws, established to set duties on the import of grain, were repealed as the result of the Irish Famine and of the campaigns led by the Anti-Corn Law League



Royal Italian Opera House, Covent Garden opens, Formerly the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, Later the Royal Opera House

St. Martin's Hall, Long Acre opens, Later St. Martin's Music Hall / Queen's Theatre

Mogul Saloon, Drury Lane opens, Later the New London Theatre / Gillian Lynne Theatre

William Terriss born

New House of Lords opens

Clerkenwell House of Detention opens

Liberia was established by the American colonization society to enable freed slaves in the United States to return to Africa and settle there

Charlotte Bronte publishes 'Jane Eyre'

Emily Bronte publishes 'Wuthering Heights'



Delarue Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's brother, born

May - Horatio Lloyd at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle

Theatre Royal, Portugal Street, London demolished

Theatre Royal Adelphi, Glasgow destroyed by fire

Glasgow Athenaeum in the Assembly Rooms, Ingram Street, Glasgow opens

Parkgate Concert Hall, Coventry opens

Stansfield Chambers and Electric Press building, Millennium Square, Leeds opens, Later the Carriageworks Theatre Complex

W.H.Smith's first bookstall opens

Chartist demonstration on Kennington Common

Simpson's Restaurant in the Strand opens

Waterloo Station opens, replaced Nine Elms as terminus for London & South Western Railway

Queen's College, first school for higher education of women, opens in Harley Street

American engineer James Bogardus builds the firts cast iron frame buildings

Californian Gold Rush Begins

Kelvin Proposes Scale of Absolute Temperature



15th Jan - Horatio Lloyd opens the Prince's Theatre, Glasgow

Elizabeth Bessie King, daughter of T. C. King, born

Charles Morton takes over the Canterbury arms

Prince's Theatre Royal, West Nile Street, Glasgow opens

Olympic Theatre, in Wych Street, London Destroyed by Fire

Queen's Theatre, Greendyke Street, Glasgow Green opens

Royal Adelphi Theatre, Wigan opens

Theatre Royal, Horsedge Street, Oldham opens

The Theatre, Church Street, Croydon opens, Later the 1868 Theatre Royal / 1897 Empire Theatre of Varieties

Second Olympic Theatre, Newcastle Street and Wych Street, London opens, Formerly the Olympic Pavilion / Olympic Theatre

Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool opens

Rosemary Branch Music Hall, Camberwell, London opens, Later The People's Palace of Varieties / Lovejoy's / Cornwall Hall

Coliseum, Westgate, Bradford opens

Theatre Royal, Bugle Street, Southampton opens

70 people trampled to death during a false fire alarm at the Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow

Cholera epidemic

Coal Exchange, Lower Thames Street, opens

Great Hall at Euston Station opens



Evans's Supper Rooms, Covent Garden opens

Royal Colosseum Theatre and Music Hall, Paradise Street, Liverpool opens, Later Saunder's Theatre of Varieties / City Theatre of Varieties / New Grand Theatre and Opera House / Queen's Theatre / Kelly's Theatre

St Martin's Hall, Long Acre, London Built

In America in the 1850s and 1860s straight variety grew in popular favour

Glasgow Harmonic Society instituted

London Dispensary Society established

Great Northern Railway opens its line from York Way to Peterborough

North London Line between Camden Town and Bow opens (known as the 'East and West India Docks & Birmingham Junction Railway' until 1853)



Katty King, daughter of T. C. King, and wife of Arthur Lloyd born

The Theatre Royal, Wigan opens

Early Theatre Royal, Stockport opens

Folestone Pleasure Gardens Building first opens as an Exhibition Hall

The Theatre Royal, Railway Road and Ainsworth Street, Blackburn Altered for Music Hall

The Middlesex Music Hall, Drury Lane, London opens

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London Converted for Circus use

The Sun Music Hall, Knightsbridge opens

The Great Exhibition at the Crystal palace London opens

The Theatre Royal, Howard Street, North Shields destroyed by fire

Mr Falaha, the Wooden Legged Dancer performs at the London Pavilion

John Henry Alexander dies, details here

Marble Arch relocated to Hyde Park

James Wyld's Great Globe opens in Leicester Square

Museum of Practical Geology opens in Jermyn Street

Victoria Street opens

Free Cancer Hospital (later Royal Marsden Hospital) opens in Cannon Row, Westminster



July 22nd T. C. King makes his first London Stage Appearance at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket

The Theatre Royal, Howard Street, North Shields Rebuilt after fire of 1851 Reopens

The Canterbury Music Hall opens

The New Theatre, Worcester Street, Kidderminster opens

July 22nd J. L. Toole makes first Professional Stage Appearance at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket

George Edwardes born

W. H. Murray, of the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh dies

New market hall at Billingsgate

City House of Correction, Holloway, opens

New House of Commons opens

King's Cross Station opens

Duke of Wellington's funeral

Kennington Common opened as park to public



The St. George's Hall, Bridge Street, Bradford opens

The Temperance Hall, Granby Street, Leicester opens

The Theatre Royal, Reading opens - Later the Everyman Theatre

The Theatre Royal, Churchgate, Bolton opens

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London Converted for Circus use again

John Wilton rebuilds the Albion Saloon, Whitechapel, Later becomes Wilton's Music Hall in 1859

The Adelphi Theatre, Edinburgh destroyed by fire

Frederick Wyndham born

James Fernandez begins his acting career

North and South Western Junction Railway between Willesden and Kew opens

Islington vestry enforces painting of street signs



Charles Morton Rebuilds the Canterbury Hall

Crystal Palace re-erected at Sydenham Hill

Royal Panopticon of Science and Art opens in Leicester Square, Later the Alhambra Theatre, Odeon Cinema

The Second Theatre Royal, Bedford Street, Sunderland opens

The Albert and Garrick Ampitheatre, Whitechapel opens

The St. George's Hall, Lime Street, Liverpool opens

The Theatre Royal, Hartlepool opens

Royal Standard Concert Rooms, Victoria, London opens, Later the Victoria Palace Theatre

Harry Furniss, illustrator and caricaturist born

Working Men's College established in Red Lion Square

Great Northern Hotel at King's Cross opens

Paddington Station, and Great Western Hotel open




A new Music Hall opens at the Crow & Horseshoe Inn, Gold Street, Northampton, Later the Palace Theatre of Varieties

Connell's Monster Saloon, Dame Street, Dublin opens, Later Olympia Theatre

The Queen's Theatre and Opereta House, Edinburgh opens, Later the Theatre Royal

The Rose & Crown Music Hall, Crooms Hill, Greenwich opens, Later the Greenwich Theatre

The Victoria Theatre of Varieties, Bolton, Greater Manchester opens

Mechanics Institute, Burnley, Lancashire opens, Later the Mechanics Theatre

The "great stink"

Metropolitan Board of Works created

Metropolitan Cattle Market at Copenhagen Fields, Islington, laid out

First pillar box at corner of Farringdon Street and Fleet Street

Victoria Dock opens



Jan 6th Arthur Lloyd joins Theatre Royal Plymouth company

Arthur tries his hand at Music Hall, at the Minerva Hall, Glasgow

Royal Panopticon of Science and Art in Leicester Square closes

Surrey Music Hall, on the site of Surrey Zoological Gardens, opens

Theatre Royal, Union Street, Aldershot opens

Free Trade Hall, Peter Street, Manchester opens

The Marylebone Music Hall, London opens

Shoreditch Empire, London opens

Prince of Wales Theatre, Broad Street, Birmingham opens as the Royal Music Hall

Surrey Music Hall opens

Winchester Music Hall opens

Evans's Supper Rooms, Covent Garden Adds new Music Hall at the Rear of the House

Landport Hall, Portsmouth converted into a Theatre, Later the Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal, St Mary's Gate, Nottingham becomes the Royal Alhambra Music Hall

Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden destroyed by fire, Rebuilt as Royal Italian Opera House in 1858, Now the Royal Opera House

The New Theatre, Greenock closes

London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) in business



21st Aug - Benefit for T. C. King at the Theatre Royal Dunlop Street

Weston's Music Hall, London opens

Queen's Theatre and Opereta House, Broughton Street, Edinburgh opens, Formerly the Theatre Royal / Adelphi Theatre, Later the 1865 Theatre Royal

In 1857 Music Halls began to invade London's West End

Britannia Pier, Great Yarmouth constructed

Opening of the South Kensington Museum

Opening of the British Library Reading Room



T.C. King and Bessie King at the Queen's Theatre Dublin

May 14th - Horatio Lloyd and his wife Benefit at the Theatre Royal Sunderland

May 29th - Horatio and Arthur at the Theatre Royal, Trades Hall Arbroath

14th June - Horatio and Arthur at the Theatre Royal Aberdeen

Third and Present Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, opens

The Britannia Theatre High Street, Hoxton opens

The Second Adelphi Theatre, London opens

The Grecian Theatre, City Road, Shoreditch opens

Theatre Royal & West End Music Hall, West Blackhall Street, Greenock opens

Gordon's New Theatre of Varieties, French Street, Southampton opens

Canterbury Hall further enlarged by the addition of a grand staircase, supper room and art gallery

St. James's Hall, London opens

Britannia Pier, Great Yarmouth opens

Postal districts first introduced in central London

Great Eastern launched at Millwall



Horatio Lloyd at Theatre Royal Glasgow

John Wilton rebuilds the Albion Saloon to Open it as Wilton's Music Hall

The Britannia Music Hall, Trongate, Glasgow opens

Theatre Variete, Lime Street, Liverpool opens

Victoria Music Hall, Hartlepool opens

Theatre Royal, Ramsden Street and Bull and Mouth Street, Huddersfield Rebuilt and Reopened

The Theatre Royal, Humber Street, Hull Destroyed by fire, Rebuilt in 1865

The Theatre Royal, Orange Street, Canterbury closed

Backstage at the Theatre - A contemporary article

Henry Irving appears at the Surrey Theatre

First London Pavilion enhanced with roof

National Portrait Gallery opens to public

Metropolitan Free Drinking Fountain Association founded

Vauxhall Gardens close



September 1860 to July 1861 - Frederick Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's brother, in the Company at the Theatre Royal, Manchester with Edwin Booth and Henry Irving

The Philharmonic Hall, London opens

The South London Music Hall, later the South London Palace, opens

The Western Concert Hall, Greenock opens

The South Of England Music Hall, Portsmouth Rebuilt

Queen's Theatre, Glasgow reopens as the Greendyke Hall

Alhambra Palace, London Converted into a Music Hall as the Alhambra Palace Music Hall

In America in the 1850s and 1860s straight variety grew in popular favour

Edmund Glover Dies

Florence Nightingale publishes her Notes on Nursing

Mudie's Library moves to New Oxford Street

Victoria Station opens

Hampstead Junction Railway, from Kentish Town to Willesden, opens



Arthur Lloyd commences his music hall career

May - Whitebait Glasgow

June - Colosseum Belfast

July 14th - Holder's Grand Concert Hall Birmingham

July 21st - Hardy's Concert Hall Manchester for one month

August 4th - Belfast

August 11th - Manchester

September 15th - Hardy's Manchester

September 29th - Holder's Concert Hall Birmingham

December 2nd - Back to the Whitebait Glasgow

The Oxford Music Hall, London opens

The Bedford Music Hall, London first opens

The Theatre Royal, Guildhall Street, Canterbury opens

The Royalty Theatre, Soho Reconstructed and Reopened as the New Royalty Theatre

The Winchester Theatre Closed and Gutted

Surrey Music Hall burns down

Winchester Music Hall Destroyed by Fire

Robert Lloyd Retires to Gravesend

Albert Chevalier, English music-hall entertainer, famous for his cockney sketches and songs born

Hungerford Suspension Bridge replaced by Charing Cross Railway Bridge

First horse-drawn tram experiments by George Francis Train



George Thomas Lloyd, brother of Horatio Lloyd and Uncle of Arthur Lloyd, publishes "Thirty Three Years in Tasmania and Victoria"

January - Whitebait Glasgow

February - Whitebait Glasgow

Feb 27th - Odd Fellows Grand Concert Hall, New Town Hall, Greenock
March 2nd - Coliseum Belfast sometimes with his father Horatio Lloyd

April 1st & 2nd - Ayr.
April 3rd - Greenock

April 8th - New Corn Exchange, Dundee

April 13th - Paisley
April 14th - Stirling
April 15th - Dunfirmline
April 20th - Holders Grand Concert Hall, Birmingham for three months engagement

July 7th - Holder's Grand Concert Hall Birmingham

July 14th - Grainger Concert Hall Newcastle On Tyne, booked to the end of August

September 6th and every Saturday in September - The City Hall Glasgow

October 5th - The City Hall Glasgow for whole week

Arthur Lloyd goes to London

October 12th - London - The Sun Knightsbridge, 9pm

The Marylebone, Islington 9.50pm

The Philharmonic, Islington, 10.45pm

October 26th Philharmonic 8.15pm - Sun Knightsbridge 9.20pm - Marylebone 10.15pm

November 12th - Philharmonic 8.15, Sun 9.20, Marylebone 10.10, The Canterbury 11.10

November 16th onwards - Regularly playing Philharmonic 8.30, Marylebone 9.15, The Canterbury 10.15

December 4th - Appears at Mr. Hollands benefit at The Grecian Theatre

December 14th - Philharmonic 9pm, The Canterbury 10.20pm
December 21st and 28th - The Sun Knightsbridge

Birmingham Daily News review of Arthur Lloyd

London Pavilion Gallery added

Day's Crystal Palace Concert Hall, Birmingham opens

The Scotia Hall, Glasgow opens

The Alhambra Music Hall, Edinburgh, opens - Later the Empire Theatre / Festival Theatre

The Royal Agricultural Hall, Upper Street, Islington opens

The Claughton Music Hall, Birkenhead opens

The Prince of Wales Operetta House, Birmingham opens - Formerly the Royal Music Hall - Later The Prince of Wales Theatre

June 1862: Arthur Munby, Diary, 1862 report on Music Hall

Agricultural Hall, Islington, opens

76, Jermyn Street - Turkish Baths open

Lambeth Bridge opens

New Westminster Bridge opens

Lyon's Inn demolished

Hungerford Market demolished

Peabody Trust established

International Exhibition held in grounds of Royal Agricultural Society, Kensington



Arthur Lloyd writes 'Song Of Songs'

January 4th - Philharmonic, The Canterbury

January 11th - Philharmonic, The Canterbury

January 18th - Philharmonic 8.30, The Canterbury 9.40, Sat only - The Oxford 10.50

February 15th - Philharmonic, The Canterbury

March 1st - Philharmonic 8.30, The Oxford 9.16, The Canterbury 10.30
March 8th - Philharmonic, The Canterbury
March 15th - One night only - Holders Concert Hall, Birmingham

Evenings still at Philharmonic and The Canterbury
July 12 - August 23 - The Canterbury 9.30, The Oxford 10.45

September 13th - Oxford, Canterbury
October - Newcastle On Tyne
October 11th - Grainger Concert Hall Newcastle

November 1st - Grainger Concert Hall Newcastle

November 8th - In Glasgow until Jan 64

Collins' Music Hall opens

Gatti's Charing Cross Music Hall, Villiers Street opens

Royal Standard Music Hall Pimlico, Victoria opens

The Royal Artillery Recreation Rooms Woolwich opens

The Twentieth Century Theatre, Bayswater, London opens

People's Palace of Varieties, Camberwell opens - Formerly the Rosemary Branch Music Hall

Mortimer's Hall, Hoxton opens - Later the Hoxton Hall

The Oxford Music Hall Brighton opens - Later the Dolphin Theatre

The Prince of Wales Theatre, Back Salford Street, Leigh opens

The Agricultural Hall, Snow Hill, Wolverhampton opens - Later the Gaumont Palace

The London Museum Concert Hall, Birmingham opens - Later Coutts Theatre

The Wear Music Hall, Sunderland opens - Formerly the Theatre Royal

The Corn Exchange, Kilmarnock opens - Later the Palace Theatre

The Adelphi Theatre, Coatbridge opens

The St. Georges Hall Llandudno opens

The Rotunda Theatre, Liverpool opens

The Theatre Royal Bath Rebuilt and Reopened after being detroyed by Fire - This was C. J. Phipps First Commission

The Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow Damaged by Fire and Rebuilt and Reopened

Blackpool's North Pier opens as the Blackpool Pier

Construction begins on Brighton's West Pier

Metropolitan Line, first underground railway, opens between Paddington and Farringdon

Whiteley's Department Store opens

Art's Club founded at 17 Hanover Square


Arthur Lloyd in London and the provinces

January - Still in Glasgow
February - Back in London

May -The Canterbury, 9.40 The London Pavilion 8.30 Philharmonic, Islington, 10.40

June 5th - The London Pavilion 8.40 The Canterbury 9.40 Philharmonic 10.45

July - Philharmonic

August - London Pavilion, The Canterbury, Philharmonic
August 29th - Whitebait Glasgow

September - Glasgow

October 20th - One nighter in Falkirk

November - Still in Glasgow

December 19th

Strand Musick Hall opens (Later Gaiety Theatre)

Metropolitan Music Hall, Edgware Road opens

The Carlton Theatre, Greenwich, London opens - Later the Prince of Wales Theatre

The Cambridge Music Hall, Shoreditch, London opens

The Alexandra Theatre, Bradford opens - Later the Theatre Royal

The Prince's Theatre, Manchester opens

The Theatre Royal, Argyle Street, Birkenhead opens

The Alhambra Palace Music Hall, Porter Street, Hull opens

The Assembly Rooms, Blackpool opens - Later the Prince of Wales Theatre

The Theatre Royal, Barrow in Furness opens - Later Her Majesty's Theatre

Foundation of the Wholesale Co-operative Society

Charing Cross Station opens

Naval and Military Club founded

Southwark Street opens



Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

April 10th - Appearing in concert with Diamond and Bryant (niggers) * at the Britannia Hoxton

April - Westons nightly

17th August Arthur Lloyd benefit at the London Pavilion

Town Hall, Shoreditch built

The Theatre Royal, Humber Street, Hull Rebuilt and Reopened after the fire of 1859

Queen's Theatre and Opereta House, Broughton Street, Edinburgh Destroyed by fire, Later the Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal, Broughton Street, Edinburgh Rebuilt and Reopened

The Alexandra Theatre, Manchester opens - Later the Tivoli Theatre

The Theatre Royal, Nottingham opens (The second Theatre designed by the Theatre Architect, C. J. Phipps)

The Theatre Royal, Humber Street, Hull Rebuilt and Reopened after the fire of 1859

The Surrey Theatre, London Burns Down and is Rebuilt

Thornton's Music Hall, Leeds opens - Later the City Varieties

The Theatre Royal, Dewsbury opens

Royal Amphitheatre and Circus, Jersey opens - Later the Opera House

The Exchange Hall, King William Street, Blackburn first opened as the Cotton Exchange

Gatti's in the road, 218, Westminster Bridge Road opens

Basingstoke Corn Exchange opens - Later The Haymarket Theatre

Sam Collins Dies (See Collins Music Hall)

Robert Lloyd Dies

George Leybourne's first London success

Extension of North London Railway from Broad Street to Dalston

Charing Cross Hotel opens

Langham Hotel opens



Arthur Lloyd - Mostly Unknown tour dates

16th August - Aquarium, Yarmouth

Theatre Royal, Holborn opens

Shoreditch Town Hall opens

McDonald's Music Hall, Hoxton opens - Formerly Mortimer's Hall - Later the Hoxton Hall

First Theatre Royal, Middlesbrough opens

Price's Spanish Circo, Middlesbrough opens

Ship Inn Music Hall, Middlesbrough opens

The Theatre Royal, South Shields opens

The Star Music Hall, Liverpool opens - Formerly the Star Concert Hall, Later the Playhouse Theatre

The Prince of Wales Theatre, Liverpool opens - Later the Alexandra Theatre / The Empire Theatre

The Cambridge Music Hall, Liverpool opens

The Constellation Music Hall, Charles Street, Liverpool opens

The Dundee Music Hall opens - Formerly The Exchange Building

The Hall by the Sea, Margate opens - Later Dreamland

The Alexandra Music Hall, Hartlepool opens

Brighton West Pier built

Will Evans Born

Sir Oswald Stoll born

Theatrical Scenery Painters Article Published

Metropolitan Fire Brigade begins



Arthur Lloyd writes 'Not for Joe'

January - Weston's, London Pavilion, Philharmonic

February - London Pavilion Philharmonic, Weston's

March - London Pavilion, Weston's, South London

Also Delarue Lloyd at Whitebate (First appearance)

April 10th - Arthur in benefit for John Wilton at Wilton's

April - Weston's

April 28th - Crystal Palace 4.30pm, South London 9pm, London Pavillion 10pm, Weston's 11pm

May - Whitebait, Glasgow, Benefit at Weston's, and South London

July 12th - Harry and Katty King benefit at McDonald's Music Hall

July - Weston's, South London

July 11th Annie Adams benefit at the Metropolitan Edgware Road

August - Weston's, South London

September - Tour begins at The Theatre Royal Liverpool

September 14th - Free Trade Hall Manchester
September 16th Birmingham
September 17th - Coventry
September 18th - Stourbridge
September 19th - Stafford
September 20th - Hanley

September 21st Manchester
Following week - Wakefield, York, Scarborough, Birckenhead, Chester
Following week - Dublin Rotundo

December 9th- Still on tour Blackburn
December 10th - Bolton
December 11th - Bury
December 12th - Rochdale
December 13th - Oldham
December 14th - Oldham
December 16th - Stalybridge
December 17th - Ashton-under-Lyne
December 18th - Wigan
December 19th - Warrington
December 21st - Southport

Queen's Theatre Long Acre opens

Oxford Music Hall, Middlesbrough opens

St George's Hall opens

Star Music Hall, Bermondsey, London Opens

Royal Amphitheatre circus opens (later Holborn Empire)

Broadway Theatre, New Cross, opens

New East London Theatre Whitechapel Opens - Later Wonderland

Colston Hall, Bristol opens

Royal Victoria Music Hall, Bethnal Green Opens

The Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Glasgow Opens

Tyne Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne Opens

Milton Colosseum, Glasgow first Opens as the Prince of Wales Theatre

Prince's Theatre, Bristol first Opens as the Theatre Royal, Park Row

Prince of Wales Theatre, Rochdale Opens - Later The Theatre Royal & Opera House

The Oxford Palace of Varieties, Middlesbrough Opens



Jan 7th - Music Hall, Shrewsbury

Arthur Lloyd at the Dublin Rotundo

On Wednesday February 19th 1868, out of the blue, came one of Arthur Lloyd's finest hours

May - Royal Colosseum Theatre, Glasgow

May - Whitebait, Glasgow

Summer - Arthur Lloyd at the Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Glasgow

September - Arthur Lloyd at the Assembly Rooms, Matlock.

October - City Hall, Glasgow

Otherwise - unknown touring dates

Argyle Theatre, Birkenhead opens

Royal Globe Theatre, Newcastle Street, London opens

Gaiety theatre Strand opens

Theatre Royal, Croydon opens, Later the 1897 Empire Theatre of Varieties

Royal Alfred Theatre opens, formerly the Royal Sussex Theatre, later the West London Theatre

New Ipswich Town Hall opens

The New Music Hall, Ipswich opens

The City of London Theatre Closes and Reopens as a Circus

First Alexandra Palace Completed

Theatre Royal, Jersey Opens, formerly the Royal Ampitheatre and Circus, later the Opera House

New Choral Hall, Glasgow opens, later the Gaiety Theatre

St. James's Hall and Operetta House, Liverpool opens, formerly the Teutonic Hall, later the Tivoli Theatre of Varieties

Third Her Majesty's Theatre, London opens

Gaiety Theatre, London opens, formerly the Strand Music hall

The Arcade and Assembly Rooms, Blackpool opens, later the Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal, Croydon Opens, formerly The Theatre, later the Croydon Hippodrome

Royal Globe Theatre, London opens

New Theatre Royal, Hartlepool opens

Mechanical Institution and Literary Society, Leeds opens, later the Civic Theatre

Central Pier, Blackpool opens

The Oxford Amphitheater, Kidderminster opens

Theatre Royal, Barrow in Furness Rebuilt and Re-opened, later Her Majesty's Theatre

Whitstable Assembly Rooms Theatre opens

Robert A Briggs, inventor of the Panic Bolt, born

Oldham Hippodrome first opens as the Adelphi Music Hall

Lusby's Music Hall, London opens

The Royal Music Hall, London opens, formerly Weston's Music Hall, later the Holborn Empire

The Oxford Music Hall, London Seriously Damaged by Fire, Rebuilt and reopened in 1869

Charles Kean dies

Midland Railway between Bedford and new St Pancras Station opens

Last public execution outside Newgate Prison

Victoria Embankment opens between Temple and Lambeth Bridge

Lambeth Embankment between Lambeth and Westminster Bridges opens

First traffic lights, at Bridge Street and Great George Street junction

Racecourse opens at Alexandra Park, Hornsey

South Kensington to Westminster District Line opens



Arthur Lloyd - Mostly Unknown tour dates

December - Two Hours' Genuine Fun Tour - 6th, EXETER; 7th, Taunton; 8th, Yeovil ; 9th, Frome; 10th, Bath; 11th, Bristol ; and commencing again Christmas Eve, St. James's Hall, Liverpool, for Three Weeks. 'Immense Success Everywhere'.

May - Hengler's West Nile Street, Glasgow

May - Whitebait, Glasgow

21st August - Public Hall, Ipswich

Sept / October City Hall, Glasgow

December - Exeter, Taunton, Yeovil, Frome, Bath, Bristol, St. James's Theatre, Liverpool for Three Weeks from Christmas Eve.

Arthur Lloyd performs at Wilton's

Charing Cross Theatre opens

Hoxton Varieties, London first opens

Pullan's Music Hall, Brunswick Place, Bradford opens

Coliseum, Westgate, Bradford opens

Theatre Royal, Anlaby Road, Hull opens

People's Opera House, Stockport opens - Later the Theatre Royal

Royal Colosseum Theatre and Opera House, Hope Street, Cowcaddens, Glasgow Renamed Theatre Royal

Imperial Theatre, Darwall Street, Walsall opens

Alhambra Music Hall, Gold Street, Northampton opens - Later the Palace Theatre of Varieties

Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow demolished

Britannia Music Hall, Sheffield opens

Prince's Theatre, Lake Road, Landport, Portsmouth first opens as a Circus

Milton Colosseum, Cowcaddens Cross, Glasgow Rebuilt after fire

Oxford Music Hall, London Reopens after fire

Royal Oak Music Hall, Whitechapel Road, London opens - Later Wilcox's Music Hall

Queen's Theatre, Spring Gardens, Manchester demolished

South London Palace Destroyed by Fire - Rebuilt and Reopened Same Year

Theatre Royal, Park Row, Bristol terrible catastrophe occurred - Later Prince's Theatre

Sir Henry Irving performs at the Gaiety Theatre

The Seven Curses Of London written by James Greenwood about Music Hall and prostitution

Holborn Viaduct opens

Finsbury Park opens

Southwark Park opens

East London Railway, between New Cross and Wapping is first under the Thames, using Thames Tunnel

Columbia Market opens

Royal Academy moves from Trafalgar Square to Burlington House

All England Croquet Club founded



Arthur Lloyd's 'Brown The Tragedian' published

Arthur Lloyd and Company at the Rotundo, Dublin See (reviews here)
March / April - Whitebait, Glasgow
March 11th - Assembly Rooms Gravesend
Monday June 27th to Saturday July 9th - Canterbury Hall 9pm - London Pavilion 10pm - Sun Music Hall Knightsbridge 10.45

Monday 11th July - Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, 9.30pm for the benefit of his father Horatio Lloyd

Tuesday 12th July to July 16th - Canterbury Hall 9pm - London Pavilion 10pm - Sun Music Hall Knightsbridge 10.45

July 28th - Collins' Music Hall for the Harry Sydney Memorial Fund

August 7th London Pavilion 10pm - Sun, Knightsbridge 10.45pm

August 7th Arthur Lloyd's new song It's naughty but it's nice Published

August - South London Palace

August 10th Farewell Benefit London Pavilion

August 15th - Annual Tour of the Provinces begins in Yarmouth
August 18th - Lynn
August 19th - Boston
August 20th - Great Grimsby

September / October - City Hall, Glasgow

Vaudeville Theatre, London opens

Opera Comique, London opens

New Chelsea Theatre, Lower George Street, Sloane Square opens, Forerunner of the Royal Court Theatre

Menier's Chocolate Factory Building, London opens, Later the Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre

Belgravia Theatre, Sloane Square opens

Corinthian Bazaar opens, Forerunner of the London Palladium

Theatre Royal, Waterloo Road, Blyth opens

Royal Albert Theatre, Portsmouth opens, Later the Prince's Theatre

Queen's Theatre, Hull closes, Later part of the site used for the building of the Theatre Royal, Hull

Eastbourne Pier constructed

Royal Alexandra Theatre, Hope Street, Glasgow burns down

Death of Charles Dickens

Tramways open between Kennington and Brixton, and Whitechapel and Bow, and Blackheath and New Cross

Tower Subway opens

Beckton Gas Works built

London School Board established

Victoria Embankment opens officially

White Bear Inn, coaching inn in Piccadilly Circus, demolished



Delarue Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's brother, at Hanley, Star Liverpool, Bolton, Leeds and Sunderland.

Feb 5th - at Foresters.

George Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's Uncle and author of 33 Years in Tasmania and Australia, Dies.

Arthur Lloyd and Company at the Rotundo, Dublin See (reviews here)

February 12th - Already on the 7th month of 'Two Hours Genuine Fun' tour, now playing- 13th Gravesend, 14th Canterbury, 15th Ashford, 16th Tunbridge, 17th Guildford, 18-20th Brighton Royal Pavilion, 21st - 25th Philharmonic Rooms Southhampton, 27th Yeovil, 28th Taunton
March 1st - Tiverton, 2nd Barnstable, 3-4th Exeter, 6th Truro, 7th Penzance, 8th Redruth, 9-11th Plymouth, 13th Tavistock, 14th Totnes, 15th Torquay, 16-17th Teignmouth, 18th Dawlish and Teignmouth

March 20th - Blandford, 21st Winchester, 22nd Salisbury, 23 - 25th Portsmouth, 27th Whitebait, Glasgow, for the week
Tour ends at Plymouth

April 9th - London season - Varieties Hoxton, 7.40pm - South London Palace, 9pm - London Pavilion, 10pm - Sun, Knightsbridge 10.45pm

May 21st - South London Palace, 9pm - London Pavilion, 10pm - Sun Knightsbridge, 10.45pm

June - London Pavilion, The Canterbury with brother Robert

July 2nd - London Pavilion, Sun Knightsbridge

July 31st Arthur Lloyd marries Katty King at All Saints Church in Kensington Park, London

August 18th to 23rd Two Hours Genuine Fun at the Star Music Hall, Derby

September - City Hall, Glasgow

November - Choral Hall, Glasgow

November 20/21st - Oxford, 22/23rd - Cambridge; Cleckheaton, 24/27th - Leeds
December 4th onwards - Castleford, Pontefract, Goole, Mirfield, Halifax, Bradford

December 16/18th - Bolton, 15th - Bacup, 14th - Bry, 13th - Oldham, 11/12th - Huddersfield
December 18th onwards - Bolton, Macclesfield, Congleton, Accrington, Blackburn, Manchester
December 31st - Glasgow New Choral Hall

Opera Comique, London, opens

First Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square opens

First Gilbert & Sullivan opera performed (at the Gaiety Theatre London)

'Hengler's Grand Cirque' circus opens in Argyll Street, London (Later the London Palladium)

Royal Albert Hall opens

Theatre Royal, Hull opens, formerly the site of the stage of the Queen's Theatre

Hampstead Heath Act, with Metropolitan Board of Works acquiring the land for the public, passed

Wandsworth Common, Wimbledon Common, Putney Common acquired by Metropolitan Board of Works

Shepherd's Bush Green falls into public ownership

Queen Victoria Street opens between Mansion House and Victoria Embankment

Farringdon Street opens

Chelsea Embankment begins to be built

Battersea Dog's Home opens

Diarrhoea epidemic

St Thomas's Hospital opens new buildings in Lambeth Palace Road

Albert Bridge opens

Wandsworth Bridge opens



Arthur Lloyd 'Two Hours Of Fun' tour continues (8 months in all) including the Rotundo, Dublin See (reviews here)

Jan 7th onwards - Wrexham, Oswestry, Welshpool, Wellington, Stourbridge, Kidderminster

January - Choral Hall, Glasgow

February 11th until Easter - Tour continues in West Country

May 19th - Back in London - Sun knightsbridge, London Pavilion, Royal, Holborn
May 25th - June - Sun Knightsbridge, Royal Holborn, London Pavilion

August 9th - London Pavilion Benefit show

August 12th - 'Two Hours Of Fun' tour begins again in Ramsgate

August 24th, 26th, 27th - Blackpool

August 28th, 29th - Southport

August 30th, Septmber 1st - Bolton

October 12th - Edinburgh Music Hall

October - City Hall, Glasgow

First Elephant and Castle Theatre built

Max Beerbohm Tree born

Bethnal Green Museum opens

New Flower Market hall in Covent Garden (now London Transport Museum)



Feb - Genuine Fun Tour Ends

Feb 3rd - Arthur Lloyd back in London again and playing every evening at the Sun, Knightsbridge, Nine o'clock. Pavilion, Haymarket, Ten o'clock. Forester's Mile-End, Eleven o'clock.

Arthur Lloyd - Temperance Hall Lancashire

Arthur Lloyd - South London Palace

August 25th, 26th, 27th - Annual Tour of 'Two Hours Genuine Fun' begins at the

Theatre Royal, Blackpool

August 28th, 29th - Southport

August 30th and Sep 1st - Bolton

September - City Hall, Glasgow

December - Arthur Lloyd and Company at the Trades Hall, Glasgow

December into New Year - Trades Hall, Glasgow

Alexandra Palace opens and burns down sixteen days later

Midland Grand Hotel at St Pancras opens

Four Swans coaching inn, Bishopsgate, demolished

La Belle Sauvage, coaching inn, Ludgate Hill, demolished

Criterion Restaurant, Piccadilly, opens



Jan - Arthur Lloyd and Company at the Trades Hall, Glasgow

Feb 4th - Arthur Lloyd and Party gave an entertainment in The Exchange (Hall), Blackburn, to the delight of the audience.

May 3rd - Arthur Lloyd opens the Queen's Theatre Dublin
Arthur Lloyd's 'Jack and the Beanstalk' at the Queen's Theatre Dublin

Harry Robert Lloyd born

Frederick’s Royal Palace of Varieties opens (Late - Wilton's)

Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus London, opens

Liverpool Street Station opens

Leicester Square Gardens given to Metropolitan Board of Works for public use

London School of Medicene for Women founded

Northumberland House, Strand, demolished



Arthur Lloyd - Two Hours Genuine Fun tour with his father, Horatio Lloyd

Jan 4th - Mechanic's Hall, Hull
Jan 11th - Mechanic's Hall, Hull
September / October - City Hall, Glasgow
October - Corn Exchange, Kilmarnock
November 1st - Arthur and Horatio Lloyd in Two Hours Genuine Fun at the Guildhall, Cambridge

Arthur Lloyd also still running the Queen's Theatre Dublin

Prince of Wales Theatre, Middlesbrough opens

Alexandra Palace Rebuilt

Brighton West Pier Central Bandstand added

Talbot coaching inn, Southwark, demolished

Floating Swimming Bath opens by Hungerford Bridge

Metropolitan Poultry Market opens in Smithfield



Arthur Lloyd still running the Queen's Theatre Dublin

7th Oct - Arthur Lloyd and his comic company in 'Two Hours genuine Fun' at the Music Hall, Chester

22nd Oct - Arthur Lloyd and Company at the Stuart Hall, Cardiff

23rd Oct - Arthur Lloyd and Company in Merthyr, 24th, Rhymney; 25th Brecon; 26th, Neath; 27th, Carmarthen; 28th, Llanelly.

1st Nov - Arthur Lloyd and Company at the Royal Assembly Rooms Tenby, South Wales

Christmas - Arthur Lloyd and Wife at Widnes Lancashire

Charing Cross Theatre renamed The Folly

Royal Aquarium opens in Westminster

Albert Memorial unveiled



Arthur Lloyd still running the Queen's Theatre Dublin

October - City Hall, Glasgow

Nov 1st - T.C. King and Katty King in Hamlet at the National Standard Theatre Shoreditch

6th and 7th December - Theatre Royal, Oxford

Wilton's Music Hall severely damaged by fire

New Billingsgate Market opens

Temple Bar demolished



April 3rd - Arthur Lloyd at W B Fair's Winchester Music Hall for its Inaugural night performance

May 18th - Arthur Lloyd and Katty King at the Temperance Hall, Leicester

June 3rd - Mechanic's Hall, Hull

Arthur Lloyd - August 1st - Benifit for Miss Topsy Elliott at the South London Palace - Otherwise unknown tour dates

Elephant and Castle Theatre destroyed by fire

Henry Irving becomes Manager of the Lyceum Theatre

Queen's Theatre Long Acre closes

Cleopatra's Needle erected on the Embankment

Princess Alice steamboat disaster

Clerkenwell Road opens

Fulham football team formed




Arthur Lloyd appears at the Pavilion in Fred Albert's annual benefit show

January - The Oxford
Jan - Feb - The Oxford, Forresters
Jan 12th - The Oxford

February 9th onwards - Beaumont Hall, The Oxford
Feb 23rd onwards - Beaumont Hall 8pm, Town Hall Poplar 8.45, The Oxford 10pm

March 23rd - The Royal Cambridge Music Hall, The Oxford
March 28th - Benefit at The Cambridge

March 30th - Special concerts The Cambridge 9pm, The Oxford 10pm
April 1st 2nd - Northhampton Lecture Hall

April 6th - Myddleton Hall 8pm, The Cambridge 9pm, Town Hall Shoreditch 9.30, The Oxford 10pm
April 13th - Alexander Hall Manchester
April 20th - Alexander Hall Manchester
April 21st - Gordon's Southhampton
April 28th - Begins Season at The Canterbury
April 28th to May 11th - Working The Canterbury, The London Pavilion, The Sun Knightsbridge, and The Royal Holborn
June - July - London Pavilion 9pm, The Sun 9.45, Royal Holborn 10.45

July 13th - London Pavilion, The Bedford, The Royal, Holborn
July 20th to 27th - The Bedford, The Royal Hoborn
August 4th - Commences annual tour of 'Two Hours Of Genuine Fun' at The Albert Hall, Jersey

Aug 17th - Tour continues - Hastings and Herne bay
Aug 24th - Assembly Rooms Margate
Sep 1st -3rd - Scarborough
Sep 4th - Bridlington
Sep 5th - Harrogate
Sep 8th and week - Aquarium Morecambe
Sep 15th - Lancaster
Sep16th - Lytham St Annes
Sep 17 - 18th - Southport
Sep 19th - Warrington
Sep 20th - Chester
Sep 22nd - Holywell
Sep 23rd - Rhyll
Sep 24th - Llandudno
Sep 25 - 26th - Aberystwyth
Sep 27th - Holyhead and then the week at The Rotundo Dublin
Oct 6th - Drogheda
Oct 7th - Dundalk
Oct 8th - Banbridge
Oct 9th - Lurgan
Oct 10th - Portadown
Oct 13 - 14th - Londonderry
Oct 17th - Stranraer
Oct 18th - City Hall Glasgow
Oct 20 - 21st - Winter Gardens Blackpool
Oct 23rd - Kendal
Oct 27th - Sunderland
Oct 28th - Morpeth
Oct 29th - North Sheilds
Oct 30th - Durham
Oct 31st - Nov 1st - Guisboro, Barnsley, Worksop, Bradford

Nov 10th - Loughborough
Nov 11th - Ilkeston
Nov 12th - Wirksworth
Nov 13 - 15th - Derby
Nov 17th - Rugby, Oxford, Swindon
Nov 20 - 21st - Booked by GWR at The Mechanics institute, Swindon
Nov 20 - 21st - Bath
Nov 22 - 24th - Bristol
Nov 25th - Salisbury
Nov 26th - Alton
Nov 27th - Winchester

November 29th - Back in London - Beaumont Hall, Shorditch Town Hall

December 1st - Moss's Varieties Edinburgh
Dec 8th - Britannia Music Hall Glasgow

Dec 14th - Argyll Varieties, Govan
Dec 22nd - London Pavilion, The Canterbury, Also on Bill for The Opening night at Wiltons

'The Sketch' reviews Arthur Lloyd's earlier appearances at 'The Canterbury'

Elephant and Castle Theatre rebuilt

Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow, demolished

Royalty Theatre, Glasgow opens

Dickens writes on the Alhambra Theatre

Dickens writes on the Gaiety theatre

Dickens writes on the Lyceum Theatre

Wiliam Calcraft, Hangman, Dies

Dickens writes on electric light

Charles Coborn first appears in London



Arthur Lloyd begins the year in London

January 4th - Town Hall Middleton, Shorditch, The Canterbury, London Pavilion

Jan 11th - Central, The Canterbury, London Pavilion
Jan 18th - Central, The Canterbury, London Pavilion
February 1st - The Canterbury, London Pavilion, Philharmonic

February 19th - Benefit for Arthur at the Philharmonic

May 17th - Princess's Palace Leeds - 'Arthur Lloyd , actor, vocalist, author, composer and his grand concert company with Miss King'

May 24th - Mechanic's Hall, Hull

June 7th - Birmingham Grand Concert Hall

December - Dan Lowrey's Music Hall, Dublin

By the 1880s, the music hall was at the height of its popularity in England

Royal Arcade, between Old Bond Street and Albemarle Street, opens

Royal Albert Dock opens



Arthur Lloyd runs the Shakespeare Music hall Glasgow

January - Shorditch Theatre, New Victoria Palace, London Pavilion
February - Wilton's, New Victoria Palace, London Pavilion
March 4th - Fred Albert's Benefit with Leybourne, Vance etc.
March 18th - South London Palace benifit for George Leybourne
May 7th - London Pavilion

26th Nov Concert for Delarue Lloyd at The Queen's Theatre, Dublin

June 4th - Brighton Aquarium
July 2nd to 23rd - The Sun Knightsbridge
July 30th - Annual tour begins of the Provinces
Oct 10th to Dec 31st - Arthur Lloyd opens his Shakespeare Music Hall in Glasgow

Royal Comedy Theatre, London opens

Savoy Theatre, London opens

Leadenhall Market opens

Natural History Museum opens

Leyton Orient football team formed



Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

Feb 7th - Arthur Lloyd Files for Bankruptcy

March 14th - Arthur Lloyd Files for Bankruptcy

April 22nd Benefit with Katty King at the Town Hall Shoreditch

Arthur Lloyd writes about meeting the hangman William Marwood

Robert Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's Brother, Dies

Royal Avenue Theatre Charing Cross opens - Later the Playhouse Theatre

Toole's Theatre, formerly Charing Cross Theatre, opens

Novelty Theatre, Holborn opens

Royal Strand Theatre opens

Royalty Theatre, Chester Opens

The Alhambra Theatre in Leicester Square burns down

Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand open

Tottenham Hotspur football team formed



Arthur Lloyd - Unknown tour dates

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh opens, 10th September

Small electric power station built at 57 Holborn Viaduct

Royal College of Music established

William Marwood, Hangman, Dies



August Bank Holiday - Arthur Lloyd and Katty King in a tour of the provinces with 'Our Party' begining at the Theatre Royal, Croydon

11th Oct - Arthur and Company perform 'Our Party' in Perth, Scotland

Jan - T. C. King at the Theatre Royal, Coventry

24th Oct - Horatio, Arthur and Katty Benefit at Royalty Theatre Glasgow

The General Theatrical Programme February 1884 Issue

Empire Theatre Leicester Square opens

Prince's Theatre, Coventry Street, London opens (Later the Prince Of Wales Theatre)

Alhambra Theatre in Leicester Square re-opens after fire destroys it in 1882

Theatre Royal, Stratford East, opens

George Leybourne dies

A de facto underground 'Circle Line' complete (Inner Circle Railway)

Cable-driven trams introduced on Highgate hill

First public ladies lavatory erected at Oxford Circus

Fabian Society form

Madame Tussaud's Waxworks move to present Marylebone Road location

National Agricultural Hall in Hammersmith Road (later Olympia)

Machine gun invented by Maxim in London



Arthur Lloyd - South London Palace
Arthur Lloyd - Performs at Benefit Canterburry Music Hall
March 20th - Benefit for G. W. Moore at the St. James's Hall, London

Otherwise Unknown tour dates

New London Pavilion Music Hall opens in Piccadilly Circus

Marie Lloyd makes first appearence at the Eagle Music Hall

Will Fyffe, Scottish Character Comedian Born

Grosvenor Gallery Power Station supplies electricity to area around New Bond Street

Highbury Fields bought by the Metropolitan Board of Works and Islington for public use

Shadwell Fish Market opens

Queen's Park Rangers football team established

Millwall football team established

Steam trams now in operation



May 22nd - Horatio Lloyd's Autobiography is serialised in the Glagow Weekly Herald

Arthur Lloyd begins the year in London:

Weeks of Jan 9th, 16th, 23rd - Alhambra, Gatti's, Collins, London Pavilion with Katty King

Weeks of Feb 13th, 20th - Gatti's, London Pavilion

15 Feb - Arthur Lloyd -Week at The London Pavilion

March 13th - London Pavilion, Gatti's, Hungerford

March 20th - London Pavilion, Gatti's, Hungerford
April 3rd - Hungerford, London Pavilion, Gatti's
April 10th Hungerford, London Pavilion
April 17th Hungerford, London Pavilion
May 1st - M'Farlands Aberdeen
May 8th - M'Farlands Aberdeen
May 11th Dundee with Katty King

May 24th - Moss Varieties Edinburgh
June 5th - Scarborough Aquarium 2 weeks then:
Scotia Glasgow 1 week
Folly Manchester 1 week
Pier Pavilion Hastings 1 week
Brighton Aquarium 2 weeks
Yarmouth Aquarium 2 weeks

July 12th - Folly Manchester
July 12th - Pier Pavilion Hastings with Katty King Then onto the Theatre Royal, Eastbourne
June 31st - Aquarium Brighton
Aug 16th - Aquarium Yarmouth
Aug 30th - Bridlington Victoria Hall
Sep 2nd - Westcliff saloon Whitby
Sep 6th - Wintergardens Morecambe,
Sep 20th - Prince Of Wales Greenwich

October 18th - Aquarium Scarborough with Amy Height on the Bill
Oct 30th - City Hall Glasgow
November 6th - Town Hall Shorditch
November 20th Royal, Holborn
December 11th - London Pavilion, Royal
Christmas at London Pavilion and the Washington

Britannia Music Hall, formerly Rotunda, Southwark, closes

Theatre Royal, Kilburn opens

Lord Salisbury & Randolph Churchill Secure The Support of the Music Hall Stars

National Agricultural Hall in Hammersmith Road becomes 'Olympia'

City of London buys Highgate Wood for public use

Woolwich Arsenal football team established

Putney Bridge opens

Shaftesbury Avenue built



Arthur Lloyd's play Ballyvogan was performed at Newcastle-on-Tyne

May 25th - Arthur Lloyd and his wife Katty King at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East
May 30th - Arthur Lloyd and his wife Katty King at the Circus of Varieties, Bristol
June - Holder's Grand Concert Hall, Birmingham

July 2nd - Aquarium Brighton

July 9th - Scotia Music Hall Glasgow

July 25th for week - Tyne Theatre Newcastle upon Tyne with Ballyvogan

Aug 1st - Great Yarmouth Aquarium
Aug 13th - Gaiety Edinburgh

Aug 22nd, 23rd - Bath Hall Moffat
Aug 24th, 25th - Oddfellows Hall Keswick
Aug 26th - Mechanics Hall Ambleside
Aug 29th - Circus of Varieties Aberdeen
Sep 5th - City Hall Perth
Sep 10th - Music Hall Burntisland, Gaiety Edinburgh
October 3rd - ballyvogan at the Opera House, Londonderry
12th Nov - City Hall Glasgow

December 31st - Panto Prince of Wales Greenwich written by Athur Lloyd

Terry's Theatre, London opens

Assembly Rooms, Ingram Street, Glasgow demolished

Glasgow Athenaeum, St. George's Place, Glasgow opens

Queen Victoria's first Jubilee

Earls Court opens at entertainments ground

Charing Cross Road opens

Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith, opens after being bought by Metropolitan Board of Works

Kilburn Park opens after being acquired by the City of London



Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

Feb 3rd - Arthur Lloyd Benefit at the Prince of Wales, Greenwich

April 20th - Theatre Royal Jersey
July 7th - Arthur Lloyd at the Crystal Palace
Dec 1st - Arthur and his wife at the Pier Pavilion, Hastings

Wilton's Music Hall becomes a mission hall

Theatre Royal, Stockport opens

Present Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square opens

Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue opens

Lyric Music Hall, Hammersmith Built

Opera House, Workington opens

Jack the Ripper murders



June 11th - Mechanic's Hall, Hull

Christmas to Feb 11th - Arthur Lloyd and Katty King at the Aquarium, Brighton

Arthur Lloyd - Otherwise Unknown tour dates

Horatio Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's father, dies

Theatre Royal, Union Street, Aldershot Destroyed by fire

The Grand Order of Water Rats Founded

Metropolitan Board of Works replaced by London County Council

Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, opens

Woolwich Ferry starts

White Hart Inn, Borough High Street, a coaching inn, demolished



Arthur Lloyd is interviewed by the ERA in July whilst at the Gaiety Birmingham

Arthur begins year at Aberavon

Jan 4th - Queen's Palace, Poplar

January 11th / 18th / 25th - Prince of Wales Aberavon
Feb 1st - 8th - Prince of Wales Aberavon
February 15th - March 8th - Standard, Pimlico
March 15th - 28th - Standard, Pimlico, Trocadero

April 5th - 26th - Queen's Palace Poplar

May 3rd - 17th - Washington Hall Battersea

May 31st - Pier Pavilion, Hastings
June 7th - Alhambra Hastings

June 14th Arthur and Katty at the Trocadero
June 21st - 28th - Arthur and Katty at the Trocadero
July 14th - Arthur and Katty at the Gaiety Birmingham
July 12th - London, Arthur at the Tivoli Music Hall and Arthur and Katty at The Trocadero

August 18th - Scotia Glasgow

September 1st - Ballyvogan tour begins at Theatre Royal Coutbridge

Sep 8th - Theatre Royal Belfast
Sep 15th - Opera House Derry

Sep 22nd - Theate Royal Birkenhead
Sep 29th - Prince's Bradford
October 6th - Theatre Royal Rotherham
Oct 13th - Rotunda Liverpool
Oct 20th - Comedy Theatre Manchester

November 3rd - Sadler's Wells

November 22nd - Tour ends Theatre Royal Croydon
November 24th - Playing comedy sketches at The Oxford and Brighton
Dec 1st - Song, She Kept It All For me.
Dec 8th - Gaiety Oldham

Dec 20th - City Hall Glasgow
Dec 27th - Back in London at The Oxford, Tivoli, Trocadero

American Vaudeville becomes polular entertainment

Music hall becomes a major industry in the 1890s

Horniman Museum opens

First part of Rosebery Avenue opened

Dulwich Park, gifted by Dulwich College, opens

Vauxhall Park opens

City and South London Railway from Stockwell to William Street, first deep level tube railway



February 18th - Royal Trocadero Inaugural Night

March 19th - Testimonial Matinee for Charles Morton at the Royal Alhambra Theatre

March 20th - Benefit for Arthur Lloyd at The Oxford with Katty King

May 2nd - Arthur Lloyd's wife Katty King dies

Aug - Arthur Lloyd and Company on tour wth Ballyvogan, including the Rotunda, Liverpool - St. James's Theatre, Manchester - Queen's Theatre, Dublin - Gaiety Theatre, Brighton - Theatre Royal, Birkenhead - Opera House, Londonderry - Theatre Royal, Coatbridge - Theatre Royal, Jarrow - Theatre Royal, Geenock - Pavilion, Buxton - Queen's Theatre, Keighley - Theatre Royal, Bilston - Theatre Royal, Aldershot - Theatre Royal, Dumfries.

Tivoli Theatre, Strand, London rebuilt by Frank Matcham

Theatre Royal, Gordon Road, Aldershot opens

Royal English Opera House, Cambridge Circus, London opens (Later the Palace Theatre)

Waterlow Park, gifted by Sir Sydney Waterlow, opens

Steam trams discontinued



Arthur Lloyd begins year in London

January 2nd - London Pavilion, Metropolitan Edgware road

January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th - Doubling Pavilion and Metropolitan
Feb 6th for week Doubling Pavilion and Metropolitan
Feb 15th Miss Annie King Lloyd and Mr. Harry King Lloyd Commence Variety Tour at the Gaiety, Oldham
Feb 22nd Prince of Wales, Leicester

Feb 22nd - 29th - Empire, Newcastle on Tyne.

March 5th - Alhambra West Hartlypool,
March 12th - Thorntons South Shields,

March 19th - Royal Variety Sunderland

March 26th - Theatre Royal Coatbridge
April 2nd - Theatre Royal Paisley
April 18th and 23rd - Alhambra Belfast

April 30th - Star Dublin
May 2nd - Dublin
May 16th - Liverpool
May 21st - Back in London - Alhambra, Hamersmith

May 18th - Washington Battersea

July 9th - July 16th - Not working.
July 23rd - Back on Tour 'Two Hours Of Fun'
August 27th - Still on Tour

Sep 17th and Sep 24th - Performing 'Her First Appearance' at the Middlesex
October 1st - Still on Tour with Two Hours Genuine Fun

November 5th - Arthur, Annie, and Harry now in London for the season, and now all living at 32 Dalforne Road, Upper Tooting.

December 10th - London - Metropolitan, doing Sketches, Standard, Pimlico, doing songs
Dec 24th - Royal Aquarium, New Victoria Palace

Daylight-loading film perfected by the newly named Eastman Kodak company

January 3rd - J. R. R. Tolkien born in Bloemfontein, South Africa

August 17th Mae West born

December 15th - U.S. industrialist and art collector, Jean Paul Getty born

Ellis Island, island in New York, N.Y. begins serving as entry port for a future 16 million immigrants to the U.S.

General Electric Company, manufacturer of electrical equipment; established by merger of Thomson-Houston Electric and Edison General Electric companies; plants and offices throughout the world

Oliver Hardy born

Alfred Lunt, famed American actor/director born

First modern skyscraper, 'The Fair Store,' designed in Chicago by William Jenney in Chicago

Coca Cola company founded

First mass produced petrol powered tractors introduced, signaling the decline of animal power in agriculture

Patent for first Deisel engine granted



Arthur Lloyd - Tours America and Canada

October - T. C. King Dies

Daly's Theatre, Leicester Square opens

Mexborough Prince of Wales Theatre opens

Grand Theatre and Opera House, Hull opens

Statue of Eros errected in Piccadilly Circus

Brighton West Pier Pavilion built

Imperial Institute opens



Arthur Lloyd - On Tour USA and Canada

Arthur Lloyd - Benefit at The Royal, Holborn

'Down East and Up West' written by Montagu Williams Q.C. on theatre in London

Tower Bridge opens

First Lyon's tea shop

Big wheel erected at Earl's Court

St Bride's Institute opens



Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

February - Empire Theatre of Varieties, Coventry

17th June - Park Palace Liverpool with Annie King-Lloyd and Harry King-Lloyd

20th September - Town Hall, Motherwell with “Two Hours Fun” 'The World Renowned Comedian, Vocalist, Author and Composer', before going to Shotts and then West Calder the following week.

December - Gatti's, Villers Street and Gatti's Westminster Bridge Road

Autumn tour of the United States and Canada

Grand Opera House, Belfast opens

Frank Matcham's Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith opens

Toole's Theatre, London closed and demolished to make way for Charing Cross hospital extension

Henry Irving attains first knighthood ever given to an actor

London School of Economics and Political Science founded



Arthur Lloyd - Mostly Unknown tour dates

March 2nd - Park Palace Liverpool in sketch 'The Two Jeremiahs'
August 24th - Paddington Palace
August 30th - Park Palace Liverpool

October - Arthur Lloyd's 'Ballyvogan' Company playing the Town Hall, Ayr

November - Arthur Lloyd's 'Ballyvogan' playing the Theatre Royal, Colne

Borough Theatre and Opera House, Stratford East opens

Strand Music Hall re-built and renamed the Gaiety Theatre

Hotel Cecil, the Strand, built

Motion pictures introduced into Vaudeville

National Portrait Gallery moved to present site in Trafalgar Square



Arthur Lloyd- Mostly unknown tour dates

May - Arthur Lloyd and his children perform 'Our Party' Pier Pavilion, Hastings

June - Arthur Lloyd and his children perform 'Our Party' Pier Pavilion, Hastings

June 28th - Arthur Lloyd, Annie King Lloyd, and Harry Lloyd join many Stars of the Day for the Music Hall Profession's Tribute on behalf of the Queen's Jubilee Institute for Nurses Diamond Jubilee Matinee at the Tivoli Theatre, Strand

Her Majesty's Theatre, London - Fourth and Present Theatre opens

Royal County Theatre, Kingston opens

Fulham Theatre, later Grand Theatre, opens

Empire Theatre, Middlesbrough opens

Empire Theatre of Varieties, Croydon opens, Formerly the Theatre Royal

Alexandra Theatre, Stoke Newington opens

Gaiety Theatre of Varieties, Birmingham opens, Formerly Holder's Grand Concert Rooms

Frank Matcham Interviewed by the ERA

16 Dec - William Terris murdered outside the Adelphi Theatre

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

Tate Gallery opens

Northern Polytechnic, Holloway Road, opens

Blackwall Tunnel opens



May 23rd - Pier Pavilion, Hastings, performing 'An Amateur Detective.'

August 4th to 13th - After an Illness of six weeks Arthur toured Scotland with 'Two Hours Fun' beginning in Inverness, then Forres, Macduff, Turriff, Peterhead, and Fraserburgh.

Arthur Lloyd - Otherwise unknown tour dates

Coronet Theatre, Notting Hill Gate opens

Princess of Wale's Theatre, Kennington - Later Kennington Theatre opens

Empire Palace, Leeds opens

Waterloo and City Line opens

First escalator at Harrods



Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

Arthur Lloyd - Musical Comedy at the Operetta House, Town Hall, Clacton On Sea

Horatio Lloyd, Artrhur Lloyd's Father Died

Delarue Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's brother, Died

Opera Comique, London Closes

New Cross Empire opens

Holloway Empire opens

Theatre Royal, Chatham, Kent opens

Doncaster Grand Theatre opens

Terriss Theatre, later the Rotherhithe Hippodrome, opens

Empire Theatre, Woolwich opens

Camberwell Palace of Varieties opens

Brighton's Palace Pier mostly Completed

Last fishing fleet sails from Barking

First public motor bus (Kensington to Victoria)



Arthur Lloyd complimentary matinee at the Royal

January 6th - City Hall Glasgow, Theatre Royal Inverness,
Jan 13th - Palace of Varieties Aberdeen
Jan 20th - London - Gatti's, Metropolitan
Jan 20th - Gatti's, Metropolitan
February 3rd - Gatti's, Metropolitan,
Feb 10th Metropolitan
Feb 24th - Empire Cardiff
March 3rd - Empire Swansea

March 10th - Empire Newport,
March 17th - Empire Nottingham,

March 31st - Empress Brixton
Sep 3rd - People's Palace Sunderland
August 4th - The Entracte states that: 'Forty Five Years in Theatre and Music Hall - A book of reminiscences, is being prepared by Arthur Lloyd.' If you know anything about this book or the whereabouts of the manuscript please Contact Me...

London Hippodrome opens 15 January

Euston Theatre of Varieties opens

Grand Opera House, Middlesbrough opens

Grand Theatre, Woolwich opens

London Hippodrome Programme for 30th July

Wallace collection displayed in current location in Manchester Square

Mount Pleasant postal sorting office opens

Passmore Edwards Museum in Stratford opens

Russell Hotel opens

Central London Railway (Central Line) opens



Arthur Lloyd's 'royal' colleague Jolly John Nash dies

Feb 11th - Performs Park Palace Liverpool

Feb 18th - Paddington Palace Liverpool

April 6th - Empress, Brixton 8.45, (Sketches), Metropolitan 10.00 (Songs)
April 13th - Vacant - Address given as 45 Grand Parade, Harringay
May 11th - Arthur Lloyd becomes manager and director of the Pavilion Gorleston

Sep 28th - Gorleston Season over - Address given as 36 Blythwood Road, Crouch Hill.
Dec 7th - Park Palace Liverpool
Dec 14th - Paddington Palace Liverpool
Dec 16th - Palace Theatre, Hull

Camden Theatre opens

Hackney Empire Theatre opens

Brighton's Palace Pier Completed

Death of Queen Victoria and accession of Edward VII

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (The queen mother) born on 4 August 1900, during the last few months of the reign of Queen Victoria. Daughter of Scottish aristocrats who inherited the titles of Earl and Countess of Strathmore when Elizabeth was three. Ninth of ten children.

Wigmore Hall opens

First electric trams from Shepherds Bush to Acton and Kew Bridge



Arthur Lloyd recording on Zonophone?

Jan 4th - Arthur Lloyd and his Daughters play the Palace Theatre, Bristol
Jan 18th - Palace, Sunderland

27th Jan - Palace Theatre Aberdeen
Feb 3rd - Palace, Dundee

Feb 10th - Empire, Edinburgh
Feb 17th - Empire, South Sheilds
Feb 24th - Empire, Newcastle

March 3rd - Empire, Leeds

March 10th - Empire, Bradford
March 17th - Empire, Sheffield
March 24th - Central Hall, North Sheilds
April 5th - Opera House, Cheltenham
April 12th - Arthur Lloyd's date-book was showing a few blanks

April 18th - Empress Brixton, Metropolitan
May - Managed Pavilion by the sea, Gorleston for summer season
Sep 1st - Arthur Lloyd with his daughters Lilly and Dulcie for a week at the Paddington Palace, Liverpool in the comedy sketch ' Little Charlie or the twin Sisters'
Sep 8th - Arthur Lloyd with his daughters Lilly and Dulcie for a week at the Park Palace, Liverpool in the comedy sketch ' Little Charlie or the twin Sisters'
Nov 19th - Arthur Lloyd and children perform at the Broadway Theatre, New Cross
Dec - Arthur Lloyd with his daughters Lilly and Dulcie for a week at the Park Palace, Liverpool in the comedy sketch ' Little Charlie or the twin Sisters'

Four Theatres were demolished when London's Aldwych, named after the old Wych Street, was constructed. This vast operation began in the last years of the nineteenth century and was not finally completed until after the First World War. Four theatres were demolished during the early stages of the work. The Olympic Theatre in Wych Street and the Opera Comique in the Strand were closed in 1899, the Globe Theatre in Newcastle Street shut its doors in 1902. This was followed by the closure of the Gaiety Theatre in the Strand in June of the same year.

King's Theatre, Hammersmith opens

Tunbridge Wells Opera House opens

Boar war ends as the treaty of Vereeniging is signed

Edward IIV is crowned King at Westminster Abbey

Aswan dam completed after four years of construction


Arthur Lloyd begins year in London

January 24th - Balham Empire

March 9th & 14th - Park Hall Hanwell
March 14th - Palace Theatre, Bristol & People's Palace, Plymouth
March 28th - Duchess Palace Balham
April 4th -Tivoli Manchester
April 11th - Palace Sunderland
April 18th - Palace Derby
April 25th - Gaiety Oldham
May 2nd - Palace Northhampton
June - Cambridge Music Hall

June 13th - Cambridge Music Hall
August 15th - Palace Blackburn
Dec 5th:

New Gaiety Theatre opens

Chelsea Palace Theatre opens

Shepherds Bush Empire opens

Brighton West Pier Pavilion converted to a Theatre

Sir Henry Irving leaves the Lyceum

First London electric Tramway opens

Pope Leo dies at 93 years old

Orville and Wright achieve heavier than air flight in an aircraft built by themselves

United States concludes treaty paving the way for the building of the Panama canal



Jan 18th - Palace Theatre, Hull

Arthur Lloyd dies in Edinburgh

London Coliseum opens

Lyceum Theatre, London rebuilt

Empire Hippodrome, Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester opens

G.W Hunt dies

Charles Morton, identified with an epoch in music hall history, dies

Dame Anna Neagle Born - Real name Florence Marjorie Robertson

Japan and Russia at war

Anton Dvorak dies

New York Citty subway formally opened



Dec 26th - The Arthur Lloyd Trio 'Little Charlie or the Twin Sisters' at the Palace Theatre, Hull

Royal Strand Theatre demolished to make way for Aldwych underground station

Royal Artillery Theatre, Woolwich rebuilt and reopened

King's Theatre, Manchester opens

Aldwych Theatre opens

Waldorf Theatre, later Strand Theatre / Novello Theatre opens

Henry Irving dies

Edward Moss becomes the first music hall impresario to be knighted



Nov 19th - The Arthur Lloyd Trio 'Little Charlie or the Twin Sisters' at the Palace Theatre, Hull

Holborn Empire opens

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen opens

King's Theatre, Edinburgh opens

Hicks Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue opens

Kilburn Empire Theatre opens

East Ham Palace Theatre opens

J. L. Toole dies



Arthur Lloyd Trio perform at the Crouch End Hippodrome
Arthur Lloyd Trio perform at the Regent Theatre of Varieties, Salford

Queen's Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue opens

Kingway Theatre, Holborn opens



See this Special Feature Article on British Music Hall

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane narrowly escapes total destruction by fire

Hippodrome Theatre, Middlesbrough opens

Tottenham Palace Theatre opens

Kilburn Empire Theatre opens



Empire Theatre, Dewsbury opens



Wimbledon Theatre opens

London Palladium opens

Kingston Empire opens

Finsbury Park Empire opens

New Theatre Royal, Windsor opens



April 5th - Robert George Lloyd born
April 13th - Music Hall and Theatre Review for the Arthur Lloyd Trio.

Aug 21st - The Arthur Lloyd Trio 'Little Charlie or the Twin Sisters' at the Palace Theatre, Hull

Deatils of Theatrical Railway Traffic for October 22nd 1911

Lewisham Hippodrome opens

London Opera House / Later Stoll Theatre opens

New Princes Theatre, later the Shaftesbury Theatre opens

Olympia Theatre, Glasgow opens

Victoria Palace Theatre opens



Arthur Loyd's son Harry Lloyd paints the Titanic

The Titanic strikes an iceberg at 11:40 p.m. on Sunday April 14th, 1912, and sinks at 2:20 a.m. Monday April 15 1912.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Centenary

Wood Green Empire opens

Bristol Hippodrome opens

Chiswick Empire Theatre opens

First Royal Variety performance at the Palace Theatre, London,1st July

Plays of the Year 1912



Palace Theatre, Redditch opens

Aldershot Hippodrome opens

Golders Green Hippodrome opens

Crane Hall, Liverpool, later the Neptune Theatre, opens

Plays of the Year 1913



Derby Hippodrome opens

Plays of the Year 1914



October - George Edwardes dies



St. Martin's Theatre, London opens

Brighton's West Pier Completed





Adelina Patti, the famous Opera singer, died 27th September

1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910

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I am indebted to Peter Charlton for his fastidious research into most of the Arthur Lloyd 'turn' dates.