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Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd, 1839 - 1904.

Arthur Lloyd's Ancestors and Descendants who are featured on this site

James Lloyd + Elizabeth Crump

Edward Lloyd + Elizabeth Lewis

Robert Lloyd + Elizabeth Gill

Horatio Frederick Lloyd Delarue Lloyd George Thomas Lloyd Charles Jeffreys

Horatio Frederick Lloyd + Eliza Horncastle

Arthur Lloyd Katty King T.C. King Annie King-Lloyd Fred Lloyd Robert Lloyd

Arthur Lloyd + Katty King

Harry Robert Lloyd Harry Powell Lloyd

Harry Robert Lloyd + Catherine Kennett

Robert George Lloyd

Robert George Lloyd + Jean Lloyd

Matthew Lloyd (Creator of this Website)

Horatio Frederick LloydArthur Rice LloydHarry Robert Lloyd Robert George LloydMatthew Lloyd (Creator of this Website)


Above - Horatio Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd, Harry Lloyd, Robert George Lloyd, Matthew Lloyd.

A small section of the complete Family Tree

Ancestry Details George Lloyd Horatio Lloyd Charles Jefreys Elizabeth Gill Robert Lloyd Elizabeth Lewis Captain Gill Edward Lloyd Charles Jeffreys

Ancestry Details Eliza Hornecastle Frederick Lloyd Richard Delarue Lloyd Arthur Lloyd

Above - a small section of the complete Family Tree.

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