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The Cambridge Music Hall, Warwick Street and Mill Street, Liverpool

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The Cambridge Music Hall was was situated on the corner of Warwick Street and Mill Street in Liverpool, and its entrance was on Warwick Street. The Music Hall was situated on the first floor of an existing building, probably a Public House. It had a balcony which encircled the auditorium and could accommodate around 800 to 1,000 people.

The Cambridge Music Hall opened on Saturday the 14th of July 1866 with a variety of Music Hall performers including Mr. and Mrs. Leno, billed as 'the great sensational, dramatical, and comical duettists'; Mr. and Mrs. Ceda in an 'Ethiopian entertainment', who later went on to run their own Liver Music Hall in Mersey Street; Edwin Mider, 'the original laughing buffo vocalist'; Charles Burton, 'the great dancer'; Fred Coyne, 'versatile comique'; Jenny Stanley, 'female vocalist'; the Lorenzo Family, 'acrobats'; the Brothers Leno, 'Lancashire clog, boot, and pump dancers'; and the 'Dashing Dunnar'.

The Cambridge Music Hall was originally run by its Proprietor J. S. Lofthouse, and its Chairman was Edwin Mider. Prices on the opening night were 6d for the main body of the Hall, and 3d for the Gallery. J. S. Lofthouse also ran the Oxford Music Hall and the Queen's Hall in Liverpool at the time, and would go on to run a Music Hall in Dublin, and later, his own variety agency in York Road, London.

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