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Horatio Lloyd's Autobiography

Serialised in the Glasgow Weekly Herald from May the 22nd 1886

Horatio Lloyd's Autobiography as serialised in the Glasgow Weekly Herald from May the 22nd 1856

Horatio Lloyd and his son Richard Delarue in 1889, the year Horatio died - Courtesy James Francis and Robert Cunningham. Click to enlarge.Horatio Lloyd, was Arthur Lloyd's father and a well respected and popular actor and comedian in his own right. For most of his career, which was during the early to mid 1800s, he performed mainly in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The following pages are from Horatio's Autobiography 'Life of an Actor' Serialised in The Glasgow Weekly Herald over 15 weeks from May 22, 1886.

Right - Horatio Lloyd and his son Richard Delarue in 1889, the year Horatio died - Courtesy James Francis and Robert Cunningham. Click to enlarge.

The whole Autobiography is indexed on this page and each Chapter reflects one week's edition of the newspaper's serialisation of it. You may click the Chapter or Section headings below to go directly to that part, and there is a next and last Chapter link at the bottom of each page.

The Life of an Actor an Autobiography

By H. F. Lloyd, Comedian

Late of the Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh and Glasgow


Chapter One

Introductory and Retrospective

My Birth and Early Recollections

Bartlemy Fair and its Effects

School Days at Dotheboys Hall

Experiences with Mr Squeers

The Real Home of the Smikes

A Reminiscence of Dickens


Chapter Two

Drifting into the Profession

Actresses of my Time

The Great Actors

My First Appearance in Public

My First Love Affair

The Wicked Uncle

Not Born to be Drowned

Private Theatricals - An Ambition for Tragedy

An Awkward Contretemps

I Try Low Comedy

Lady Amateurs

Nature Best After All


Chapter Three

Entering the Profession - Dishonest Theatrical Agent

Adventure with a Corpse

Resurrection or Not

Joe Ostler and Amateur

Getting Disenchanted

The Theatre-Royal Thaxted

Romance and Reality in Interiors

I Lodge with the Constable


Chapter Four

Endeth the First Lesson - A Strange Bed-Fellow

An End to the Thaxted Engagement

In Love Once More

Advice From the Constable

I Return Home Sadder and Wiser

I Cross the Border - An Honest Theatrical Agent

Scotland From the Cockney Point of View

A Theatrical Waif

The Death Warrant

My Experience of the Scotish Dialect


Chapter Five


To Caledonia by Road

Davy Wilkie

The Process of Disillusion

The Green Room - Idea of Wit

Early Days in Scotland - An Offer from Glasgow

My first Benefit

Theatrical Sharp Practice

Mr Alexander and his Theatre

My first Appearance in Glasgow

Edmund Kean

The Lord Mayor has a Mishap

Kean and the Rhumatic Lago

Glasgow Society Half a Century Ago


Chapter Six

Had Up Before the Magistrate

At the Pope's Eye

Climbing the Ladder - Charles Young's Farewell to the Stage

The Tragedian's Hints in Comedy

Young Kemble on Scotch Applause

An Actor's Ruse

The Cholera and the Theatre


An Early Friend of Kean

I Settle in Edinburgh

The Jack Bag Snuff Box

Scotch Friendships

Edinburgh - The Quaker Family and the Theatre

A Quakeress Transformed

A Double Life


Chapter Seven

No Song, No Supper - A Realistic Performance

A Man of Business

The Adelphi

Mr Yates and His Elephant

The Grand Vizier in a Difficulty

Unrehearsed Business

Steady Sailing - A Slip of the Mind

Pleasant News

With David Prince Miller

Last Days of the Edinburgh Theatrical Fund

The Shakespeare Club and How it Ended

With a Travelling Companion at Alloa

Theatre Alloa

Macbeth, Macduff and The Bull-Dog

Macready, His Temper and His Manner

Compliments The Gravedigger


Chapter Eight

How Old Should Hamlet's Grave Digger Be?

An Offer From London

More Offers and More Refusals

My First Management - A Sailor's High Jinks

The Widow's Ruse

Dying a Second Time

My Experience as a Glasgow Manager

Theatre Royal Glasgow

Mr Murray in Glasgow, After Nineteen Years

How the Accounts Stood

A Newspaper War


Chapter Nine

Old Friends - The Loss of Mr Elton, The Tragedian

Another Squabble

An Elton Benefit in Glasgow

With Mr Sims Reeves at Aberdeen

Some Reminiscences of Reeves and Cowell

Montague Stanley's Farewell to the Stage

Stanley as a Man and as an Actor

An Ideal Macaire


Chapter Ten

A Chapter of Anecdotes - Celebrities in the Edinburgh Green Room

Kemble's Advice to "Cassio"

Kemble and Cooke

"Hamlet" and Mr Powse

Kemble and the Poker

Edmund Kean

Madame Vestris's Chief Attraction

"Pritchard's Conquering Eye"

Jamie Birrell and Mrs Henry Siddons

More Anecdotes - A Brief Engagement in Glasgow

Jenny Lind

An Unscrupulous Manager

Kean's Deathbed - A Tragic Incident


Chapter Eleven

Kean's Post-Mortem

Charles Kean

Alexander's Idea of Filling up the Time

A Utility Man

Alexander's Cat

One of Alexander's "Very Last" Farewells

Severs an Old Connection - A Story of G. V. Brooke

The Sequel


Chapter Twelve

Kean in Comedy

Lord Dalhouse as Godfather

Jenny Lind in Scotland

Warm Words with Mr Murray

Farewell to Edinburgh

Off to Glasgow

Alfred Bunn

An Incident Unrehearsed

My Most Immemorial Years - Bunn on Stage Managers

"Cautious John's" Idea of Management

Phelps at Rehearsal


Chapter Thirteen

Murray, Calvert, and Egerton as Stage Managers

My Unfortunate Venture as a Lessee

Harcourt Bland

My Missfortunes in Brief

In the Sanctuary

Back to "St Mungo's Bells" - Mr Murray's Death

Some Recollections of Murray

I Return to Glasgow


Chapter Fourteen

Another Personal Venture

Death of Edmund Glover

Miss Menkin and her "Fiery Untamed Steed"

Post Meridian - Mr Sothern at at the Prince's

Visit of the Keans

George Hamblin - How His Nickname Arose

"Our American Cousin" - A Question of Copyright

Rows with Mr Sothern

At Cambridge - The Wit of the Undergraduate


Chapter Fifteen

Clearing for the Last Act - The Disruption and its Effect on the Proffession

Major Sir Walter Scott and his Father's Novels

Sir Walter Scott

A Clergyman's Love Verses

A Donkey I met in Dublin

Some Glasgow Shakespearean Critics

Helen Faucit on "Touchstone"

Garrick's Farewell

Garrick's Death and Funeral

Here I Break Off and say Farewell


The Glasgow Weekly Herald's serialisation of Horatio Lloyd's Autobiography was very kindly transcribed from the original archive newspapers of 1886 for this site by Barbara Cherrie, with help from Raymond Tasker, Charles Bowman, Norman King Lloyd, J.P.A. Morgan, Barbara Annan, and myself, and is used Courtesy The Mitchell Library, Glasgow.

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