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Frederick George Lloyd - 1833 - 1864

And his wife Eliza Newton


A Poster for a Benefit for Fred Lloyd, the son of Horatio Lloyd, and brother of Arthur Lloyd, and Fred's wife Eliza Newton, later Mrs Frederick Lloyd, at the Theatre Royal, Sunderland on May the 14th 1858 - Click to Enlarge.Frederick George Lloyd was the eldest son of Horatio Lloyd and Eliza Horncastle, and would become a well known comedian and actor in his own right. He was born in 1833 and performed for many years at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, where his younger brother, Arthur Lloyd would have his first professional engagement in 1856.

Right - A Poster for a Benefit for Fred Lloyd and his wife Eliza Newton, later Mrs Frederick Lloyd, at the Theatre Royal, Sunderland on May the 14th 1858 - Click to Enlarge.

Frederick Lloyd, who was usually billed as Fred Lloyd, married the actress Eliza Newton on the 11th of November 1855. Eliza was the daughter of the comedian John Newton, and would go on to perform with her husband in many productions. She made her first appearance in London at the Royalty Theatre in August 1863.

Fred Lloyd must have had quite a talent as he is known to have been in the Company at the Theatre Royal, Manchester from September 29th 1860 to July 31st 1861, with none other than Edwin Booth and Henry Irving. The ERA reported on one of this Company's productions in their December 1st 1861 edition saying:- 'Massinger's play of A New Way to Pay Old Debts was performed on Tuesday. Mr Booth's delineation of Sir Giles Overeach through its various phases of will and passion, elicited the highest encomiums. Mr F. Lloyd made an excellent Marall, and Mr Thompson was unctious as Justice Greedy. Mr Henry Irving was Wellborn, and Miss Lucy Rushton Margaret.' - The ERA, 1st December 1861.

Fred and Eliza had four children, the first of whom died at the age of just three years old from burns after an accidental fire in 1859. An article carried in the ERA described the event: - 'Melancholy accident to the son of Mr. Fred Lloyd, the Comedian - On Thursday morning, the 1st of September, Mr. Fred Lloyd, the popular comedian, at present of the Adelphi Theatre, Liverpool, was awoke from his sleep by a dreadful scream proceeding from the nursery, above his bedroom. On running out he met his son, a beautiful boy, aged three years, running down stairs, his bed gown one mass of flame, which he immediately extinguished. It appears the nursery maid only left the room, and the child in bed for a moment to go down stairs, when she also heard the scream and hastened back. The poor little fellow being questioned as to how he caught fire, said he went to look at his porridge. A surgeon attended him all day, but he died the same night, without suffering much pain, although the burns were frightful. A coroner's inquest was held, and a verdict of accidental death returned. He was buried in the New Cemetery, Toxteth Park.' - The ERA, 18th September 1859.

Frederick Lloyd died in 1864 at the age of just 31 years, the ERA carried an announcement in their 24th of January 1864 edition saying:- 'Sudden Death of Mr. Lloyd, the Comedian. We regret to announce the sudden death or Mr. Frederick Lloyd, which took place on the 17th inst. The deceased, who was only in his thirty-first year, will be favourably remembered as the principal comedian of the Theatres Royal, Manchester and Liverpool, whilst Metropolitan play-goers may recollect the success with which he filled a similar position at Astley's last year, when that Theatre was under the Management of Mr. Boucicault. Mr. Lloyd appeared in his usual good health when on Monday, the 11th inst., he went to the Polytechnic, where he bad been for some weeks engaged as a buffo vocalist; but whilst he was on the stage he broke a blood vessel, and he was immediately conveyed to the Middlesex hospital. Every attention was there paid to him, but in vain. He lingered through the week, and died on Sunday last, the 17th inst., at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Mr. Frederick Lloyd was greatly beloved and respected by a large circle of friends, and unhappily he leaves behind him a heart-broken wife and three young children to mourn his irreparable loss.' - The ERA, 24 January 1864.

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