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Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd, 1839 - 1904.

Newcastle Theatres and Halls Past and Present

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Tyne Theatre - Still in Theatrical use

Theatre Royal - Still in Theatrical use

Empire Palace Theatre and Empire Cinema

Palace Theatre, Haymarket and Percy Street

People's Palace, Haymarket and Percy Street

Balambra's Music Hall

Hippodrome Theatre

Grainger Music Hall

Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre, Byker

Pavilion Theatre

Paramount Theatre / Odeon

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Arthur Lloyd is known to have performed at various Theatres in Newcastle in 1862, 1863, 1887, 1892

Mr. Arthur Lloyd's Concert - The public have seldom had so good an opportunity of making acquaintance with the popular comic songs and singers of the day than was afforded by the concert given on Wednesday night, by Mr. Arthur Lloyd, assisted by a talented company of artists. That the somewhat unusual character of the entertainment was appreciated was abundantly shown by the crowded audience in all parts of the house. Mr. Arthur Lloyd's wide celebrity as a comic vocalist was the main feature of the attraction, and his varied and amusing performances were received with great applause, his genial humour, untinged by the slightest shade of coarseness, rendering him an immediate and general favourite. - Newcastle Chronicle. - Click here for the Arthur Lloyd Song Book which this review came from.

I am indebted to Gareth Price for the information on, and images of, Newcastle's Theatres and Music Halls.

Some of the images are from the book 'Cinemas of Newcastle' by Frank Manders - 1991.

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