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Backstage in Theatres and Music Halls - Index

Below is a list of many of the pages on this site relating to Backstage in Theatres and Music Halls Specifically

Backstage 1901 Special Feature

Backstage at the Theatre

Backstage Conditions in Theatres

Behind The Scenes - Carols of Cockayne

Bill Inspectors

Clarkson's Wigs

Concert Halls and Assembly Rooms by Ernest Woodrow, 1895

About Limelights and Followspots

The Lighting of Theatre in 1881

Limelight by Albert Chevalier

Plays of the Year 1912

Plays of the Year 1913

Plays of the Year 1914

One Saturday Night in the West End 1978

The Stage Equipment Company

The Switchboard Illuionist - Herbert Stilling working his lighting magic at the Empire Theatre, Belfast in 1947

Modern Theatre Design from the 5th of August 1899

Memories of Show Business by Percy G Court, 1953. - (The memoirs of Percy Court, who began his career as a Stage Carpenter in the late 1800s and retired as a well-known manager in the 1950s. A fascinating first hand account of the backstage and touring life of a stage carpenter and theatre manager at the turn of the century.)

Moss Empires Jubilee 1899 - 1949 Brochure

Moss Empires in the 50s by Donald Auty

Biography of Alec Marlow - (The former Master Carpenter at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane who died in February 2009, aged 102 - The article is written by his son in law Phil Davis, and is illustrated by Alec's personal photographs.)

Recollections of the Pavilion, Theatre, Lodge Lane, Liverpool in the 1940s and 50s

Robert Alexander Briggs and the invention of the Panic Bolt

Poem - Song Of The Stage Hands

Safety in Theatres, an Interview with the architect Walter Emden in 1887

Scenery and Scene Painters From the ERA 1866

So you think you want to work as a Stage Hand? - 1949

Stage Doors and their Keepers

Stage Management in the 1800s - (From Horatio Lloyd's autobiography.)

Stage Mechanism by Edwin O. Sachs 1898

Stage Props and the Property Man - 1878

Strode and Co Wrought Iron Work, Gas and Lighting.

Theatrical Digs - The Bulwell Olympia Guestbook

Theatrical Architecture 1878

The Natural History Of Prompters - From an article in the ERA of the 18th of August 1883

West End Seating Plans - Pre 1907

West End Seating Plans 1930

Working Dimensions of London Theatre Stages 1930

Working Dimensions of London Theatre Stages 1960

Victorian Era Exhibition 1897

You may also like to visit Backstage Heritage whose mission statement says:- "This website represents a group of passionate theatre technical folk who have realised that much of their heritage is being discarded and replaced with new technologies. They've started gathering together other interested parties, and are now cataloguing and logging which equipment is still in existence, with a view to finding ways to display it and enable folk to visit it and reflect on where current technologies first emerged, and how they have evolved (or been reduced) over time."

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