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Updates to the site in 2007

16th November 2007

Bristol Prince's Theatre - New Image Added

14th November 2007

Theatre Royal, Bristol - New Images Added

12th November 2007

Bristol's Theatres and Music Halls - Whole new section Added, New Theatres, Articles and Images Added

Manchester Rusholme Theatre - Page Updated and new Article Added

11th November 2007

Rotherhithe Hippodrome / Terriss Theatre - New Information Added

7th November 2007

Argyle Theatre, Birkenhead - More Images Added

6th November 2007

Argyle Theatre, Birkenhead - New Article and Many Images Added

4th November 2007

Alhambra Theatre, Leicester Square / Odeon Cinema - Page Updated

Links Page Restructured

Bibliography - New Page Added

3rd November 2007

Theatre Royal, Edinburgh - New information on Arthur Lloyd and a feat never before attempted Added

1870 Timeline - New Arthur Lloyd dates and cuttings Added

2nd November 2007

London's Lost Theatres and Music Halls - Page Restructured and Images Added

London Pavilion - New Images Added

Gaiety Theatre site London, then and now, New Images Added

Shaftesbury Theatre, London - New Image Added

1st November 2007

Lewisham Hippodrome - New Image Added

31st October 2007

Arthur Lloyd at the London Pavilion - New Cutting Added

Princes Theatre, later the Shaftesbury Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue - New Programme Added

30th October 2007

Leeds Theatres - Page Restructured and new Articles and Images Added for the Empire Palace

29th October 2007

Katty King, Arthur Lloyd's wife - Page Updated

Gielgud Theatre, formerly the Hicks / Globe, London - New Programme Added

28th October 2007

Birmingham's Theatres - Page Updated and details Added for the Hippodrome and Adelphi Theatres

New Theatre, Hull - New Programme Added

26th October 2007

T. C. King, Arthur Lloyd's father in law - Page Updated

Theatre Royal, Coventry Updated to include details of T.C.King performing there in 1884

25th October 2007

Hackney Empire - Page Updated again

23rd October 2007

Hackney Empire - Page Updated and New Programme Added

22nd October 2007

Davis Theatre, Croydon - Small piece written by someone who worked there in the 1930s Added

More Arthur Lloyd dates Added to the Timeline for 1870

Review for the South London Palace on the 7th August 1870 Added

17th October 2007

Palace Theatre Feature - New Image Added

The Original Shaftesbury Theatre, London - New Image Added

Brighton's West Pier - Page Updated and New Images Added

Dublin Theatres - Page Updated and information on the Olympia Theatre Added

15th October 2007

Arthur Lloyd at the Sun Music Hall - New Cuttings Added

Arthur Lloyd Files for Bankruptcy after his failed venture in running the Shakespeare Music Hall, Glasgow

14th October 2007

Farnham Theatres - New Page Added on the Redgrave Theatre and Castle Theatre - With many Images and an Article by Alan Chudley

12th October 2007

Theatre Royal, Dunlop Street, Glasgow - Page Updated and New Poster Added

Alexandra Theatre, Hull - New Poster Added

Poplar, East London - Page Updated and new Poster Added

Aldershot Hippodrome - New Poster Added

9th October 2007

Details of the vast Theatrical Railway Traffic for one day in 1911

7th October 2007

City Hall, Glasgow - Page Updated and New Arthur Lloyd Cutting Added

Arthur Lloyd and Katty King at the Surrey Theatre - New Cutting Added

Arthur Lloyd Tours America and Canada - New Cutting Added

Advertisement for Arthur Lloyd and Katty King at the Aquarium, Brighton Added

5th October 2007

New Cross Empire - Page Updated and New Programme and Images Added

3rd October 2007

London Coliseum - Many new Images Added

Review for Arthur Lloyd and Company at the Rotundo, Dublin Added

28th September 2007

Not Bargained For - An Article by Arthur Lloyd on how performing in Widnes, Lancashire went horribly wrong.

25th September 2007

Theatre Royal / Royal Opera House, Covent Garden - Page Restructured and New Image Added - and Enlarged here.

24th September 2007

New article on William Stewart Cruikshank, builder of the King's Theatre, Edinburgh Added

23rd September 2007

Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Theatres - New Page Added with details of the Doncaster Grand / Civic Theatre / Palace Theatre and the Mexborough Hippodrome.

21st September 2007

Scarborough Theatres - Page Updated

19th September 2007

Gaiety Theatre Then and Now - New Image Added

17th September 2007

Windmill Theatre Feature - New early Revudeville programme Added

Hackney Empire - New Image Added

16th September 2007

Coronet Theatre, Notting Hill Gate, London - New Page Added

14th September 2007

King's Theatre, Edinburgh - New Article and Image Added on the opening of the Theatre in 1906

Tottenham Palace, London - Page Updated and New Information Added

10th September 2007

Hackney Empire, London - New Page Added

7th September 2007

Queen's Theatre, Long Acre, London - Page Updated - New Images Added - New Articles Added

4th September 2007

Brighton West Pier - Page Updated slightly and New Image Added

31st August 2007

Tottenham Palace, London - New Images Added

29th August 2007

New Olympic Theatre, London - Page Updated and New Programme Added

Opera Comique, London -Page Updated and New Programme Added

28th August 2007

Dublin, Ireland Theatres Updated and Theatre Royal Added

Theatre Royal, Dublin - New Page Added with many images and Articles from the opening Souvenir Programme of the 1935 Theatre Royal

Brighton's Palace Pier - New Images Added

21th August 2007

Trades Hall, Glasgow - New Page and Arthur Lloyd Notices Added

Criterion Theatre, London - New Image Added

Grand Theatre, Hull - New Programmes Added

Tivoli Theatre, Hull - New Image Added

20th August 2007

King's Theatre, Edinburgh - Page Upated and New Articles and Images Added on the builder and manager William Stewart, and Alexanda Stewart, Cruikshank

Grand Clapham - Another new Article and Programme Added

Alan Chudley Biography - Page Updated

19th August 2007

Guildford Theatres - New Page Added with New article by Alan Chudley and many images

Grand, Clapham - New Article and Image Added - and Error Corrected

16th August 2007

Kilburn Empire - Images and information about the staff of the Theatre in the 1930s Added

13th August 2007

Arthur Lloyd Song Book detailing his concert party songs, with press reviews - New Page and Images Added

1st August 2007

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Theatres - New Section Added plus article on Mansfield Theatres by Alan Chudley

Article on Ruby Miller Added to the Gaiety Theatre Feature on this page

Noel Coward Theatre - Error Corrected and Page Updated.

23rd July 2007

The 1951 Liverpool Festival - Part of the Festival of Britain - New Page Added

20th July 2007

Due to the demise of my shopping partner Equisto I have had to remove the Arthur Lloyd shops from the site and I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. I do hope to restore this feature in the future.

17th July 2007

Royal Court, Liverpool - Page Updated

16th July 2007

Astoria Theatre, London - New Image Added

New Ambassadors Theatre, London - 1952 Mousetrap Programme Added

St. Martin's Theatre, London - 1952 Mousetrap Programme Added

15th July 2007

Royal Standard Music Hall London, later the Victoria Palace Theatre - Two new Posters Added

13th July 2007

Arthur Lloyd's 'Dobb's in Paris' - New Song Sheet Added

Arthur Lloyd's 'I'll Place it in the Hands of my Solicitor'' - New Song Sheet Added

Shakespeare Theatre, Liverpool - New Image Added

2nd July 2007

New Image Added to - Apollo, Lyric, Globe, and Queen's Theatres

25th June 2007

King's Theatre, Manchester - New Programme Added

Several other Manchester Theatres Updated with Programme Extract Added

24th June 2007

Mexborough Hippodrome - New Page Added with Article by Alan Chudley and Image

22nd June 2007

Article on Francis Collins, the Conductor of the Palace Ballroom, Blackpool, by his son Eugene Collins - New Page and Images Added

18th June 2007

Gielgud Theatre, formerly the Hicks / Globe - New Hicks Theatre Programme and Image Added

Garston Empire, Liverpool - New Image and Article Added

16th June 2007

Novello Theatre - Page Updated and New Programme Added for the Waldorf Theatre

15th June 2007

Liverpool Theatres Updated to include New Pages on the Shakespeare Theatre, and The Pavilion Theatre, and a new Programme Added to the Royal Hippodrome Theatre. Also details of J. J. Alley's Theatres in Manchester Added and the Theatre Architects page also now includes his Theatres too.

12th June 2007

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - New Article Added

7th June 2007

Kilburn Theatres and Halls - New Page Added including the Kilburn Empire, the Theatre Royal Kilburn, the Tricycle Theatre, and an Article on Kilburn - With Many Programmes and Images.

New Theatre Hull - New Image Added

6th June 2007

Working at the Palace Pier Theatre, by Alan Chudley

Bedford Music Hall, Camden - Page Updated

4th June 2007

Bedford Music Hall, Camden, London - Page Restructured and New Programme Added

Brighton Palace Pier and Theatre - New Programme Added

28th May 2007

Wood Green Empire - Page Updated with information on the Mikado Family

28th May 2007

Amongst the many hundreds of Theatre Programmes in the Arthur Lloyd Archive are thousands of contemporary advertisements for everything from Bicycles, Cars, and Vacuum Cleaners, to Clothes, Cigarettes, Insurance and Jewelry, dating from as long ago as the early 1800s to the more recent mid 1900s. I've begun building a new site to accommodate them so please take a look if you're interested.

Alexandra Theatre, Stoke Newington - New Page Added

New Cross Empire - New Image Added

27th May 2007

Dolphin Theatre, Brighton - Page Updated

Rotherhithe Hippodrome - New Images Added

24th May 2007

St. George's Hall, Langham Place, London - New Page Added with many Articles, Images and Programmes

23rd May 2007

The Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, London - New Page Added

New Theatre, Hull - Page Updated and New Programme Added

18th May 2007

Wood Green Empire - New Image Added

14th May 2007

Wood Green Empire - Page Updated

Leicester Square Theatre - Page Updated

13th May 2007

Harry Nicholls - Added to Burials Page

Empire Theatre, Leicester Square Feature Updated and Cine-Variety Programme Added

Theatres and Cinemas, Past and Present, in London's Leicester Square - New Index Page Added

12th May 2007

A visitor to the site, Tonia Capon, has very kindly sent in some signed Postcards of various artistes that had all performed at the Wood Green Empire and been saved by her Great Grandmother ever since she had worked there as a Dresser in the early 1900s. - See Them all Here...

11th May 2007

Royal Artillery Theatre, Woolwich - New Article Added

6th May 2007

Bradford Civic Playhouse - New Programme Added

Prince's Theatre, Bradford - New Programmes Added

1st May 2007

Two more images Added to Windmill Theatre Feature

30th April 2007

Windmill Theatre Feature Rebuilt with many new Articles, Images and Programmes Added

27th April 2007

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool - New Images Added

21st April 2007

Royal Artillery Theatre, Woolwich - Page completely rebuilt with many new articles, reviews, programmes and pictures.

Arthur Lloyd's song 'I Vow'd That I Never Would Leave Her' turns out to be featured in James Joyce's Ulysses

12th April 2007

Belfast, Northern Ireland Theatres and Halls - New Page Added

Balham Hippodrome - New image Added

9th April 2007

Marconi House, Formerly the Gaiety Restaurant - Several new pages added with many articles and Images of Marconi House, The Gaiety Theatre and Restaurant, the Coronation, and artistes performing in front of the microphone at the early studios of the BBC and 2LO. - All courtesy John A. Struube, the architect responsible for the internal reconstruction of Marconi House in 1950-53

Kingston Theatres - Page Updated and New Articles and Images Added

7th April 2007

Alhambra Theatre - New Programme Added

Neptune Theatre, Liverpool - Page Updated

6th April 2007

Gaiety Theatre Site, London, Then and Now - Page Updated and new Image Added

Hastings Pier Theatre - New Article Added

Gaiety Theatre, Chambers Street, Edinburgh - Page Updated and Error Corrected.

Arthur Lloyd's 'Beautiful Forever' - Page Updated with new information on the subject of the song

1st April 2007

Hasting Theatres - Page Updated

31st March 2007

National Picture Theatre, Hull - New Page Added

Sheffield Lyceum Theatre - New Image Added

Tivoli Theatre, Hull - New Image Added

26th March 2007

Horatio Lloyd's Biography - Page Updated and Song Sheet Added

22nd March 2007

St. James's Theatre, London - New Page Added with much detail and many images.

21st March 2007

Burials Page - Two new Additions

Theatre Royal, Hull - Page Updated and New Image Added

7th March 2007

Golders Green Hippodrome - New Page Added with many images and Bertie Crew's Original Plans

Theatres and Halls in Hull, East Yorkshire - Whole new section Added, including new dates and reviews for Arthur Lloyd in Hull

6th March 2007

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - New image Added

Gielgud Theatre, London - New Image Added

Sheffield, Lyceum Theatre - New Image Added

5th March 2007

Prince's Theatre, Glasgow - Complete description of its design and building by the architect, along with new images and details of Horatio Lloyd's involvement with the opening of the new Theatre. This is a fascinating read on Theatre building and operation in the mid 1800s including Lighting, Acoustics, Sight-Lines and much more.

4th March 2007

New dates and review for Arthur Lloyd's Balvogan at the Prince's Theatre, Bradford Added

3rd March 2007

Sheffield Theatres - New Images Added

27th February 2007

Hastings Theatres Updated and some information Added

25th February 2007

Theatre Royal Plymouth - New image Added

20th February 2007

Empress Theatre / Falcon Theatre / New Metropole Theatre, Glasgow - New Page Added

18th February 2007

Empire Hippodrome Theatre, Ashton, Manchester - New Page Added

Windmill Theatre article Updated and error corrected

17th February 2007

Tivoli Theatre of Varieties, Liverpool Added, also with details for Harry King Lloyd appearing on its opening night

14th February 2007

Royal Duchess Theatre, Balham - New Programme Added

13th February 2007

Liverpool Playhouse - New Images Added

12th February 2007

Ted Bottle has very kindly sent in some more of his wonderful Theatre Photographs, this time for Theatres in Manchester, all listed below:

Theatre Royal, Manchester - New Photos Added

Palace Theatre, Manchester - New Photos Added

Opera House, Manchester - New Photos Added

Hulme Hippodrome, Manchester - New Photos Added

Hulme Playhouse, Manchester - New Photos Added

8th February 2007

Tivoli Theatre, Strand, London - New Image Added

Vaudeville Theatre London - New Image Added

Collin's Music Hall Updated and new Images and Programme Added

Liverpool Playhouse - New Image Added

Liverpool Olympia Theatre - New Image Added

7th February 2007

Aldershot Theatres Updated and more info Added

6th February 2007

The Lights of Other Days - A 1905 Variety Theatre Article on Arthur Lloyd With and an actual Picture of the man himself. A very rare find!

Theatres and Halls in Aldershot - New section Added with many images and articles.

Sixty Years a Theatre Buff by Alan Chudley

5th February 2007

Bradford Empire Arthur Lloyd Dates Added

Royal Artillery Theatre, Woolwich Updated and image Added

2nd February 2007

Bradford Theatres Updated - St. Georges Hall Added and Arthur Lloyd Dates.

Sheffield Theatres - Page Updated Again

1st February 2007

London Hippodrome Staff Photographs from the early 1900s Added

Sheffield Theatres - Page Updated

Burial Page Updated with details for William James Maurice Bottle, otherwise known as 'Datas, the Memory Man' Added

21st January 2007

Theatre Royal, Brighton and Brighton Dome Pages Updated and many Images Added

Brighton Theatres Completely reworked with many new Theatre listings, Articles, Images and Programmes.

Artur Lloyd's turns, venues and press cuttings for the 1900s Added to the Timeline.

Windmill Theatre Feature Updated and Programme for The Very Last Night Added

17th January 2007

Theatre Roal Drury Lane Updated and Image Added

15th January 2007

Artur Lloyd's turns, venues and press cuttings for the 1890s Added to the Timeline.

Astoria Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London - New Page Added

Borough Theatre, Stratford East - New Images Added

13th January 2007

Harry Lloyd's Painting of the Titanic Added to his page here

Artur Lloyd's turns, venues and press cuttings for the 1880s Added to the Timeline.

Gaity Theatre, London, New image Added

12th January 2007

New Victoria Theatre, Bradford - Two new images Added

10th January 2007

I have split the Timeline page into individual pages for each Decade from 1800 to 1910 to make loading times faster and allow more detail to be added in the future, including adding the rest of Arthur Lloyd's 'Turns.' Links have been updated sitewide.

9th January 2007

Liverpool Playhouse Updated and Jubilee Souvenir Added

New section for Bradford, West Yorkshire, Theatres Added

Sheffield's Montgomery Theatre Added

4th January 2007

Liverpool's Theatres Completely reworked - New Liverpool Index Page Added here

All Liverpool Theatres now have their own page, many Theatres, Programmes, and images have been Added and all site links have been updated.