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Jethro Thomas Robinson, Theatre Architect

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Jethro Thomas Robinson was a Theatre Architect and the father in Law of the renowned Theatre Architect Frank Matcham. Robinson died on Monday the 15th of July 1878 and his obituary is reproduced below.

Death of the Government Theatrical Architect - From the ERA, 21st of July 1878

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of Mr Jethro T. Robinson, which occurred with awful suddeness on Monday morning last, at his residence, No. 20, Bloomsbury-square. Mr Robinson had during many years past occupied a prominent position as an architect of ability.

He first made his mark in public as the designer and builder of Mr Charles Hengler's equestrian establishments in Hull, Glasgow, and other provincial towns. His next work of note was the Theatre Royal, Hull, a very handsome edifice, which had as its first Manager the late Mr William Brough, and amongst its first company Miss Madge Robertson (Mrs W. H. Kendal) and the late Mr Joseph Irving. This Theatre was subsequently destroyed by fire whilst under the management of Mr F. B. Chatterton, of Drury-lane Theatre. Prior to this unfortunate occurrence Mr Robinson had made his way to the Metropolis, and there he joined the firm of Messrs Millward and Co., of Kentish- town.

His first London venture was a well-meant endeavour to establish a wholesale and retail market at King's-cross, a scheme which was entirely upset by the Billingsgate monopolists, who have since defeated Baroness Burdett Coutts's project for establishing a people's market in the Eastern suburbs. Mr Robinson's next work in London was the handsome Park Theatre in Camden-town, and this was followed by Hengler's Circus in Argyll-street, the New Pavilion Theatre, the Albion Theatre, the New Grecian Theatre, and numerous places of amusement in the Provinces, all of which remain as enduring marks of the architect's talent.

For some years past the late Mr Robinson ably fulfilled the duties of surveyor to the Lord Chamberlain, a post for which he was well qualified. He was also surveyor and consulting architect for "Lord's," and other public institutions. Mr Robinson's untimely death has stricken hundreds of his friends with heartfelt grief, but his afflicted widow and children are sustained in their sorrow by the knowledge they possess of the love and respect with which their lost one was regarded.

The interment of the deceased gentleman took place at Highgate Cemetery on Thursday afternoon, and was attended by a large gathering of relatives and friends. The Lord Chamberlain was specially represented by G. T. Hertslet, Esq., and E. Piggott, Esq., Licensor of Plays; and the following gentlemen were amongst the mourners :—The two sons and brother of the deceased ; his three sons-in-law, Messrs Reedham, Palthorpe, and Wright ; also Messrs Charles Hengler, Froude, Maltham, Reader, Z. D. Berry, G. Berry, B. Carlill, Meston, C. Millward, J. T. Alexander, R. F. Simmons, Randel, Leon, F. Abrahams, G. H. Nugent, and B. S. Oates. Dr. White, of Leeds, and Mr Robinson's medical attendant, Dr. C. C. Claremont, were also present at the funeral.

The above text was first published in the the ERA, 21st of July 1878.

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