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Balmbra's Music Hall, Newcastle

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The 1901 rebuilt Balmbra's which is now a pub. - Photo Courtesy Gareth Price 2002.Balmbra's Music Hall was built and opened in 1848 as a room in the Wheatsheaf pub.

It was renamed the Royal Music Hall 1859.

And again renamed, this time to the Wheatsheaf Music Hall in 1864.

It was once again renamed in 1865 this time to the Oxford Music Hall.

The original building was demolished after a fire in 1899 and a new building built in its place in 1901.

This new building was subsequently converted into a Music Hall recreation called Balmbra's in 1962

Due to a fire in 1899 nothing now remains of the original Balmbra's Music Hall building.

Shown Right in 2002 - Courtesy Gareth Price - Balmbra's is now a pub.


Above - Interior of Balmbra's Music Hall, Newcastle in 1979 - Photo Courtesy Ted Bottle


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