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The Grand Theatre, Newcastle

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The Grand Theatre, Newcastle was a large Theatre capable of holding 3,000 people. The stage was big and square, some sixty feet wide and deep, with a proscenium opening of 28 foot. The Theatre was designed by the architects Maxwell and Hope.

Grand Theatre, Newcastle from the Stage Year Book of 1909 - Courtesy Maurice Friedman, British Music hall Society The Stage Year book of 1909 lists the Theatre thus: 'GRAND THEATRE.—Lessee, Mr. F. W. Bolam ; General Manager, Mr. R. G. Elder; Acting Manager, Mr. H. Chadwick; Musical Director, Mr. Wm. Denham. Full license. Holding capacity: Number of persons, 3,000: amount, £150. Stage measurements: Depth, 60ft.; width, 60ft.; proscenium opening, 28ft. Usual matinee day, Saturday. Time of band rehearsal, 1 p.m.'

This Grand Theatre should not be confused with the Grand Theatre, Byker, Newcastle.

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