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About 'The Stage' Newspaper


The first issue of 'The Stage Directory' in February 1880 - Click to browse the Paper's Online Archive.The Stage, as it is known today, was first published as 'The Stage Directory', billed as 'A London and Provincial Theatrical Advertiser', on the 1st of February 1880. For the first year it was published monthly on the 1st of each month, and then in the second year it continued to be published monthly until the 25th of March 1881 when it began weekly editions, published every Friday, and titled 'The Stage'. Issues from the 25th of March restarted at Issue 1 again.

Right - The first issue of 'The Stage Directory' in February 1880 - Click to browse the Paper's Online Archive.

The Stage was founded by its Editor Charles Lionel Carson and Business Manager Maurice Comerford, and was first published from offices opposite the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London.

It's main rival was 'The ERA' which was established in 1837 and was published and printed in London for over 100 years from its 1st issue on the 30th of September 1838 right through to 1939. However, although 'The ERA' ended publication in 1939 'The Stage' continues to this day.

The Stage is still in family ownership, its current Managing Director in 2014, is Hugh Comerford who is the Great Grandson of one of the paper's founders Maurice Comerford.

In 1959 the paper was relaunched as 'The Stage and Television Today' but in 1995 the name reverted to 'The Stage'.

Today 'The Stage' is run under the Company title of 'The Stage Media Company Limited' and is published every Thursday.

It also has an online presence at and an archive of its complete run can be searched and browsed at

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