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Timeline 1890 - 1899

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Arthur Lloyd is interviewed by the ERA in July whilst at the Gaiety Birmingham

Arthur begins year at Aberavon

Jan 4th - Queen's Palace, Poplar

January 11th / 18th / 25th - Prince of Wales Aberavon
Feb 1st - 8th - Prince of Wales Aberavon
February 15th - March 8th - Standard, Pimlico
March 15th - 28th - Standard, Pimlico, Trocadero
April 5th - 26th - Queen's Palace Poplar

May 3rd - 17th - Washington Hall Battersea

May 31st - Pier Pavilion, Hastings
June 7th - Alhambra Hastings

June 14th Arthur and Katty at the Trocadero
June 21st - 28th - Arthur and Katty at the Trocadero
July 14th - Arthur and Katty at the Gaiety Birmingham
July 12th - London, Arthur at the Tivoli Music Hall and Arthur and Katty at The Trocadero

August 18th - Scotia Glasgow

September 1st - Ballyvogan tour begins at Theatre Royal Coutbridge

Sep 8th - Theatre Royal Belfast
Sep 15th - Opera House Derry

Sep 22nd - Theate Royal Birkenhead
Sep 29th - Prince's Bradford
October 6th - Theatre Royal Rotherham
Oct 13th - Rotunda Liverpool
Oct 20th - Comedy Theatre Manchester

November 3rd - Sadler's Wells

November 22nd - Tour ends Theatre Royal Croydon
November 24th - Playing comedy sketches at The Oxford and Brighton
Dec 1st - Song, She Kept It All For me.
Dec 8th - Gaiety Oldham

Dec 20th - City Hall Glasgow
Dec 27th - Back in London at The Oxford, Tivoli, Trocadero

American Vaudeville becomes polular entertainment

Music hall becomes a major industry in the 1890s

Horniman Museum opens

Tivoli Theatre opens

First part of Rosebery Avenue opened

Dulwich Park, gifted by Dulwich College, opens

Vauxhall Park opens

City and South London Railway from Stockwell to William Street, first deep level tube railway


February 18th - Royal Trocadero Inaugural Night

March 19th - Testimonial Matinee for Charles Morton at the Royal Alhambra Theatre

March 20th - Benefit for Arthur Lloyd at The Oxford with Katty King

May 2nd - Arthur Lloyd's wife Katty King dies

Aug - Arthur Lloyd and Company on tour wth Ballyvogan, including the Rotunda, Liverpool - St. James's Theatre, Manchester - Queen's Theatre, Dublin - Gaiety Theatre, Brighton - Theatre Royal, Birkenhead - Opera House, Londonderry - Theatre Royal, Coatbridge - Theatre Royal, Jarrow - Theatre Royal, Geenock - Pavilion, Buxton - Queen's Theatre, Keighley - Theatre Royal, Bilston - Theatre Royal, Aldershot - Theatre Royal, Dumfries.

Theatre Royal, Aldershot Built

Waterlow Park, gifted by Sir Sydney Waterlow, opens

Royal English opera House, later the Palace Theatre, Cambridge Circus, opens

Steam trams discontinued


Arthur Lloyd begins year in London

January 2nd - London Pavilion, Metropolitan Edgware road

January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th - Doubling Pavilion and Metropolitan
Feb 6th for week Doubling Pavilion and Metropolitan
Feb 15th Miss Annie King Lloyd and Mr. Harry King Lloyd Commence Variety Tour at the Gaiety, Oldham
Feb 22nd Prince of Wales, Leicester

Feb 22nd - 29th - Empire, Newcastle on Tyne.

March 5th - Alhambra West Hartlypool,
March 12th - Thorntons South Shields,

March 19th - Royal Variety Sunderland

March 26th - Theatre Royal Coatbridge
April 2nd - Theatre Royal Paisley
April 18th and 23rd - Alhambra Belfast

April 30th - Star Dublin
May 2nd - Dublin
May 16th - Liverpool
May 21st - Back in London - Alhambra, Hamersmith

May 18th - Washington Battersea

July 9th - July 16th - Not working.
July 23rd - Back on Tour 'Two Hours Of Fun'
August 27th - Still on Tour

Sep 17th and Sep 24th - Performing 'Her First Appearance' at the Middlesex
October 1st - Still on Tour with Two Hours Genuine Fun

November 5th - Arthur, Annie, and Harry now in London for the season, and now all living at 32 Dalforne Road, Upper Tooting.

December 10th - London - Metropolitan, doing Sketches, Standard, Pimlico, doing songs
Dec 24th - Royal Aquarium, New Victoria Palace

Daylight-loading film perfected by the newly named Eastman Kodak company

January 3rd - J. R. R. Tolkien born in Bloemfontein, South Africa

August 17th Mae West born

December 15th - U.S. industrialist and art collector, Jean Paul Getty born

Ellis Island, island in New York, N.Y. begins serving as entry port for a future 16 million immigrants to the U.S.

General Electric Company, manufacturer of electrical equipment; established by merger of Thomson-Houston Electric and Edison General Electric companies; plants and offices throughout the world

Oliver Hardy born

Alfred Lunt, famed American actor/director born

First modern skyscraper, 'The Fair Store,' designed in Chicago by William Jenney in Chicago

Coca Cola company founded

First mass produced petrol powered tractors introduced, signaling the decline of animal power in agriculture

Patent for first Deisel engine granted


Arthur Lloyd - Tours America and Canada

October - T. C. King Dies

Daly's Theatre, Leicester Square opens.

Mexborough Prince of Wales Theatre Opens

Statue of Eros errected in Piccadilly Circus

Brighton West Pier Pavilion built

Imperial Institute opens


Arthur Lloyd - On Tour USA and Canada

Arthur Lloyd - Benefit at The Royal, Holborn

Tower Bridge opens

'Down East and Up West' written by Montagu Williams Q.C. on theatre in London

First Lyon's tea shop

Big wheel erected at Earl's Court

St Bride's Institute opens


Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

February - Empire Theatre of Varieties, Coventry

17th June - Park Palace Liverpool with Annie King-Lloyd and Harry King-Lloyd

20th September - Town Hall, Motherwell with “Two Hours Fun” 'The World Renowned Comedian, Vocalist, Author and Composer', before going to Shotts and then West Calder the following week.

December - Gatti's, Villers Street and Gatti's Westminster Bridge Road

Autumn tour of the United States and Canada

Grand Opera House, Belfast opens

Frank Matcham's Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith opens

Toole's Theatre closed and demolished to make way for Charing Cross hospital extension

London School of Economics and Political Science founded

Henry Irving attains first knighthood ever given to an actor


Arthur Lloyd - Mostly Unknown tour dates

March 2nd - Park Palace Liverpool in sketch 'The Two Jeremiahs'
August 24th - Paddington Palace
August 30th - Park Palace Liverpool

Borough Theatre and Opera House, Stratford East Opens

Hotel Cecil, the Strand, built

Motion pictures introduced into Vaudeville

National Portrait Gallery moved to present site in Trafalgar Square

Strand Music Hall re-built and renamed The Gaiety


Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

May - Arthur Lloyd and his children perform 'Our Party' Pier Pavilion, Hastings

June - Arthur Lloyd and his children perform 'Our Party' Pier Pavilion, Hastings

June 28th - Arthur Lloyd, Annie King Lloyd, and Harry Lloyd join many Stars of the Day for the Music Hall Profession's Tribute on behalf of the Queen's Jubilee Institute for Nurses Diamond Jubilee Matinee at the Tivoli Theatre, Strand

16 Dec - William Terris murdered outside the Adelphi Theatre

Royal County Theatre, Kingston opens

Fulham Theatre, later Grand Theatre, Opens

Empire Theatre, Middlesbrough Opens

Frank Matcham Interviewed by the ERA

Alexandra Theatre, Stoke Newington opens

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

Tate Gallery opens

Northern Polytechnic, Holloway Road, opens

Blackwall Tunnel opens


May 23rd - Pier Pavilion, Hastings, performing 'An Amateur Detective.'

Arthur Lloyd - Otherwise unknown tour dates

Coronet Theatre, Notting Hill Gate Opens

Princess of Wale's Theatre, Kennington - Later Kennington Theatre Opens

Empire Palace, Leeds Opens

Waterloo and City Line opens

First escalator at Harrods


Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

Arthur Lloyd - Musical Comedy at the Operetta House, Town Hall, Clacton On Sea

Horatio Lloyd, Artrhur Lloyd's Father Died

Delarue Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's brother, Died

Opera Comique, London Closes

New Cross Empire Built

Holloway Empire Built

Theatre Royal, Chatham, Kent Built

Brighton's Palace Pier mostly Completed

Doncaster Grand Theatre Built

Terriss Theatre, later the Rotherhithe Hippodrome built

Empire Theatre, Woolwich Opens

Camberwell Palace of Varieties Opens

Last fishing fleet sails from Barking

First public motor bus (Kensington to Victoria)

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