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A 1949 Programme for 'Cinderella' at the Royal Artillery Theatre, Woolwich, with a young Tony Hancock as 'Buttons'






Liz Redgate - Cinderella

In real life, Liz Redgate, has been on the stage since the early age of four, has recently toured Canada with Donald Wolfit, and had many exciting experiences. She loves dogs, reading, dancing and walking, and, like her Prince Charming, is still a single lass.

Eve Warren - Prince Florizal

Eve Warren, who plays Prince Florizal, is, apart from her stage work, a very domesticated young lady, fond of household chores and reading. Her outlet to the wide open spaces, not good for the voice, is shouting herself hoarse at football matches. Get away you Charlton fans, she is a red hot supporter of Arsenal.

Anne Redgrave - Dandini

Anne Redgrave, believe it or not, our youthful Dandini, is the mother of two strapping sons, and, with her husband Jack Rickards, is well known in the London Cabaret World. Her cousin, Michael Redgrave, is coming down to see her in action.

Tony Hancock - Buttons

Tony Hancock, who is Buttons, is well known to you all from "Variety Bandbox" and "Stars of To-morrow," and will be broadcasting in the New Year's Day programme. Was at the Windmill for a season, but still remains unmarried. In any spare time he finds he writes his own material.




Dear Patrons,

As you will have already noted, we shall be returning on Monday, January 23rd. We have been invited to return for what might be called a trial season of six weeks. That is to say, whether we stay here permanently or leave after six weeks depend entirely on the size of the audiences during the first four weeks. The average attendance must be considerably higher than it has been if it is to be financially possible for the management of the theatre to allow us to remain.

Therefore, if you are a regular patron of ours, we do beg you most earnestly to be sure not only to support us yourselves, during those four weeks, but t bring as many friends as you can, and also to make our work here as widely known as possible. If, on the other hand, you are visiting the Theatre to-day for the first time, will you please come back at least once during the four weeks commencing January 23rd and make up your own minds whether we are worth supporting before it is too late?

Our policy will remain the same as it always has been - to give you as varied selection of plays as possible, each play being a good one of its particular kind.

May we take this opportunity of wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, and of hoping that we will be able to share many pleasant evenings together during the months to come.

Cyril Wheeler and Geoffrey Salisbury.


Yvette Yorke - Ugly Sister

Born of a theatrical family and has played Principle Boy for many years. Entertained the troops during the war: awarded the African Star.

Norman Earland - Ugly Sister

On the stage since an early age, is a straight actor as well as a musical comedy artiste: never misses playing in a Christmas pantomime. Loves the country.

Philip Becker - Baron

Has been in the business for over 50 years; toured all over the world as a concert singer. Later with seaside shows such as Clarkson Rose's "Twinkle."

Ruth Sendler

Famous as a dancer and for her dance arrangements in this country and on the continent. Straight acting and films are among her accomplishments.


Above - Programme for 'Cinderella' at the Royal Artillery Theatre in 1949 - Courtesy Michelle Bowen.


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