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The Boar and Castle

On the site of the later Oxford Music Hall

Coaches Still Running in 1850

From "The Hertfordshire Almanac"


The Wonder Coach leaves the King's Arms Inn, Ampthill, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, at 8 o'clock; the George Inn, Silsoe, at half-past 8; the Red Lion, Luton, at half-past 9; the Pea Hen, St. Alban's, at 20 minutes before 11; the Wool Pack, Barnet, at a quarter before 12. The Wonder goes to the Bull and Mouth, St. Martin's-le-Grand. --- Returns from the Bull and Mouth, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at a quarter before 2; and from the Peacock, Islington, at 2.


The Favourite coach leaves the George Hotel, Luton, every morning, at ¼ before 7; and St. Alban's at 8, --- arriving in London at 10. Calls at the Peacock, Islington; Cross Keys, St. John-street, and stops at the Boar and Castle, Oxford-street. Returns from the Boar and Castle at ¼ past 4;Cross Keys, ¼ before 5; Peacock, at 5; St Alban's, at 5 minutes past 7; and arrives at Luton at ½ past 8.

The Albert Coach leaves the Bell Inn, Luton, every morning at 8; Wheathamstead, at 9; Hatfield at 20 minutes to 10; and arrives in London at ¼ to 12. Calls at the Peacock, Cross Keys, Boar and Castle, Green Man and Still, and put up at the White Bear, Piccadilly. Returns, from the White Bear at 2 p.m.; Green Man and Still, at 10 minutes past 2; Boar and Castle, at ¼ past 2; Cross Keys, ¼ before 3; Peacock, Islington, at 3; and arrives in Luton ¼ before 7.

The Victoria Coach leaves the George Hotel, Luton, every afternoon at ¼ past 4; St. Alban's, at ¼ to 6; and arrives in London at 8. Calls at the Peacock, Islington; and Golden Lion, St. John-street. Returns, from the Golden Lion, every morning at 8; Peacock, ¼ past 8; St. Alban's, ½ past 10; and arrives in Luton at ½ past 11.

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