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Below is a list of many of the pages on this site relating to Music Hall Specifically.

About Music Hall - Many Articles

Dickens on Music Hall
Music Hall London by H. Chance Newton 1902
London and its environs - Karl Baedeker 1908
An Opinion of Music Halls, 1867
Further Remarks on Music Halls, 1867
The Seven Curses of London, 1869
Music Halls - Encyclopedia Britannica 1911
Special Feature on London Music Halls
Special Feature On Music Hall
'Music hall and Me' by Nick Kathwaroon
Music Hall Songs
Music Hall Posters
A Comic Concert - Review
Bill Inspectors
British Music Hall, An American perspective
Britain's Hippodrome Theatres
Brighton Place Pier Theatre Programme and articles
Burial places of Music Hall and Variety Artistes
Dickens on Music Hall
ERA Theatre Sketches
Find any date calendar
History deleting - or Deleting History
London Underground Map 1933
London's Pre 1907 West End seating plans
Lord Salisbury & Randolph Churchill Secure Support of Music Hall Stars
Music Hall and Me by Nick Kathwaroon
Music Hall - Licentiousness and Prostitution
Music Hall and Variety Artistes Commemorative Plaques
Musings on Lost Theatres
London's Lost Theatres
Lord Salisbury & Randolph Churchill Secure the Support
of the Music Hall Stars

Theatreland Maps 1860 1882 1900 1951 2002
Theatrical Railway Traffic in 1911
The ERA - About this weekly Stage Newspaper
The General Theatrical Programme 1884
Things Theatrical by Montagu Williams
Timeline 1801 - 1912
Walter Lambert's Music Hall Artisites Painting, 'Popularity'
Working Dimensions of London Theatre Stages 1960

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