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Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd, 1839 - 1904.

Details of a Playbill for Arthur Lloyd at the Gaiety Theatre

Playbill for MONSTRE BENEFIT ENTERTAINMENT at Gaiety Theatre from Wednesday, April 16th (Date unknown)

A grand morning performance and monstre benefit entertainment

Creator(s): Hollingshead, John [lessee]; Lloyd, Arthur [performer]; Barnum, Marie Miss [dancer] [performer]; The dancing Quakers [dancers] [performer]; The Fakir of Oolu and his entranced girl [performer]; Albert, Fred Mr [performer]; The Sisters Vaughan [musicians] [performer]; Holmes Mr [performer]; Gant Mr [performer]; Harrington, Grace Miss [performer]; Foster, Fred [performer]; Little Levite [performer]; Clark, Henri [performer]; Nina, Jessie [performer]; Patti, Louise Miss [performer]; Corri, Pat Mr [performer]; Thirlwall Miss [performer]; Maclagan, T. Mr [performer]; Stead, J. H. Mr [performer]; Fothergill Mr [performer]; Summerson Mr [performer]; Jonghmanns, F. Mr [performer]; Forde, J. G. (widow and children of) [beneficiary]; Loseby, Constance Miss [performer]; Rascol, E. [London] 7, Catherine Street, Strand theatrical and general printer - S. Firth, manager [printer]; Hollingshead, John [theatre manager]; Maynard, A. Mr [manager of the benefit entertainment]; Evans, F [dancer] [performer]; Lovel, T. [dancer] [performer]; Simpson, W. [dancer] [performer]; Wright, H. [dancer] [performer]; Rosalind, Amy Miss [dancer] [performer]; Riley, J. H. Mr [dancer] [performer];

The playbill is held at the John Johnson Collection - Bodleian Library, University of Oxford - 20020723/10:47 :29

Type of item: playbill

Associated event(s): Monstre benefit entertainment [entertainment]; A laughable comic ballet [ballet]; A musical & Terpsichorean medley [music];

Note: "A committee of gentlemen, friends, and admirers of the late J.G. Forde, well known to the public as a comic vocalist of great ability, has been formed for the purpose of raising a fund for the benefit of the widow and family (seven children) of the deceased. The late Mr Forde, who was highly respected both in and out of the profession, had for two years past been suffering from an acute and painful malady, nad expired on Wednesday, the 5th inst., after much suffering, at the early age of 42. J. Hollinshead, Esq. has kindly placed at the disposal of the committee the free use of the Gaiety Theatre, Strand, for the benefit on behalf of the widow and family of deceased; and this has been fixed for the morning of April 16."

Format: paper; single sheet 76.7 x 50.7 cm..

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