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The Hippodrome Theatre, Hawkhill Road, Dundee

Later - The New Hippodrome / The Princess Theatre / Princess Cinema

Dundee Theatres

The Hippodrome opened at 160 Hawkhill Road in 1908 as a variety house before becoming a cine-variety house in 1912, as the New Hippodrome. It changed its name to the Princess in 1917, when it was bought by David McIntosh who was previously joint owner with WS Edward of the Tivoli Theatre from 1912. After a major fire in November 1919 it was rebuilt as the Princess Theatre cinema.

This Hippodrome may have been built to designs known to be drawn in 1907 for a Hippodrome in Dundee by the Dundee-born architect John Swanston, prolific architect of Theatres in Edinburgh (including that city`s new King`s Theatre) and in Fife, but records remain unclear as to who executed what. Alternatively and more likely he may have been attempting (unsuccessfully) to win the contract for the much larger and prestigious King`s & Hippodrome in the Cowgate.

A photograph of the Princess Theatre cinema can be seen at the Scottish Cinemas website here. And another image and a little more detail on its later years can be seen here.

The Theatre is thought to have closed in 1959 and was subsequently demolished.

The above information on the Hippodrome Theatre, Dundee was written for this site by Graeme Smith in February 2013.

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