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The Vaudeville Theatre, Broadweir, Bristol

Formerly - The Broadweir Theatre - Later The Gem Electric Theatre

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The Vaudeville Theatre, Bristol was another of the old Music Hall Theatres. It was previously known as the Broadweir Theatre. When it became a cinema, the building was totally refurbished, a sculpted frontage was added, and the name was changed to the Gem Electric Theatre, known locally as simply The Gem.

The Theatre was situated in Broadweir, which ran from Merchant Street to Ellbroad Street. At No.3 was the famous Berkeley Restaurant, owned by Sam J. Money.

The Gem was always considered to be a bit of a fleapit, with its hard benches nailed to the floor. It closed in 1932 and soon became a boxing club. There had been boxing matches held there in the past. On the 12th of February 1934, Jimmy Cooper, who was not quite fifteen years old, collapsed and died there after being knocked down in an unlicensed fight. The other boxer was just twenty-two years old and the coroner expressed many concerns.

The boxing club closed and the building became run-down, with further damage being sustained during the Blitz of 1940.

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