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The London Hippodrome

The London Hippodrome - Click to continue the feature

The London Hippodrome 2003 - Click to continue featureThis Page is an introduction to Frank Matcham's wonderful London Hippodrome. The Theatre had been in a very poor state for many years, having been all but gutted in 1958 in order to turn it into The 'Talk Of The Town' and later, into various Night Clubs.

As there are so many articles on the London Hippodrome on this site I have created an Index to all the pages about the Theatre which you can see here.

Also for Images of the entire building inside and out in 2003 with clickable plans and auditorium see the August 2003 Special Feature.

And you may also be interested in a Programme for July 30th 1900, just six months after the Theatre opened, here.

Also see Programme for May 2nd 1910 here.

Also see Charlie Gracie at the London Hippodrome here.

(Update: The building was eventually refurbished and reopened as a casino in July 2012, details here.)

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